TCP-IP Input and Output Connectivity Modules

The TCP/IP Input and Output connectivity modules of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) receive and send data from the server via several communication protocols of TCP/IP. The modules support lpr, lpd, and Unix direct socket or port protocols. TCP/IP is commonly used to transmit print data from Windows, Unix, mainframes and internet systems. The modules take advantage of lpr/lpd control files to provide job naming information for tracking, processing and distribution of data.

Most modern network printers support receiving print data via TCP/IP lpr, but some host systems use direct socket or port protocol to send print data. The TCP/IP modules can be used to provide a gateway between these protocols to enable direct socket or port support on lpd printers.

TCP-IP Input and Output Modules

Module Specifications & Components

  • Receives data via lp, lpd, lpr, and direct socket or port protocols
  • Sends data via FTP, lp, lpr, and direct socket or port protocols
  • Supports an unlimited number of print queues
  • Supports multiple lpr protocols to match various printers capabilities
  • Emulates a remote TCP/IP Unix host
  • Emulates IBM line printers and TCP/IP Unix printers
  • Supports System V and BSD version of the Unix operating system
  • Supports DHCP
  • Generates control file with information from data
  • Control file information from host is used for job naming, tracking and routing
  • Provides direct socket or port input to LPR output gateway solution
  • TCP/IP Input Module communication software
  • TCP/IP Output Module communication software
  • Modules are licensed separately