File Queuer Connectivity Module

The File Queuer input connectivity module of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) is an integral part of the system’s robust queue management. The module reads files from directories on local or network disk drives. Typically data is received by an integrated input communication module and captured to a local directory. The File Queuer processes and routes the data from specified directories based on configuration requirements.

SPDE File Queuer Connectivity Module

Module Specifications & Components

  • Reads files from disk drives
  • Enables load balancing between multiple output devices
  • Easy to use interface for managing jobs helps reduce operator error
  • Provides central location to manage all print data
  • Routes files based on filters including: job name, job size, job copies, job type, job ID, job description, form name, page count, host name, host type, job pages, class name, account name, user name, JDE name, JDL name, volume I/O, FCB name, local host name, destination type, local host name
  • Filters may be combined with AND/OR qualifying statements
  • Processed files can be deleted, moved to another directory, or kept including: job name, job size, form name, copies, page count, FIFO, and LIFO
  • Supports automatic and manual processing of files
  • Files may be dragged and dropped between queue windows to control routing
  • Job copy count may be specified to override data
  • Provides timed job release for delayed or specified processing times
  • Delayed job entry (i.e. delete all jobs with Class Z after 2 weeks)
  • Allows for processing of a file to begin at a user defined offset into the file (i.e. skip over the first 10 bytes of a file)
  • Includes a file viewer that supports on-screen viewing of jobs in various formats and character sets, checkpoint restart and a search tool to locate a section of a job quickly
  • Supports user defined queue depth and update intervals
  • Supports an optional integrated viewer to preview PDF files
  • File Queuer Input Module
  • Included with Base System