IPP Input and Output Modules

IPP Input and Output modules are designed to bring additional security to an organization’s print production environment. As part of the Solimar Print Director Enterprise, the IPP Input and Output modules provide the ability to secure both incoming and outgoing print data creating a more protected process for transmission of print work to print devices. These modules allow print job submission through a secure bi-directional channel for communicating with printers using an encrypted pathway all the way to the printer which can help ensure your data stays secure to better comply with data security regulations, policies and best practices including GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation and CCPA, the California Consumer Privacy Act.

IPP Input and Output modules

Module Specifications & Components

  • Available to run automated and “lights out”
  • Improves content/data security
  • Improves data security during print (IPPS – Secure connection, Encrypted, Certificate enabled security, HTTPS)
  • Expands printer/job status feedback from print device to print management system
  • Enhanced PDF security (obfuscation, redaction, encryption, user permission controls
  • Additional control like the ability to cancel print jobs
  • Supports access control, authentication, and encryption
  • Supported by over 98% of printers sold today
  • IPP Input Module communication software
  • IPP Output Module communication software
  • Modules are licensed separately.