Solimar Drives SCREEN ROI
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The SCREEN & Solimar Partnership

Solimar Systems partners with SCREEN organizations around the globe to enhance customer environments. The SCREEN development team in Japan works strategically with the Solimar Systems team to develop cohesive solutions that deliver an expanded range of options for customers currently running SCREEN high-speed inkjet printing equipment and those looking to make a new investment.

The Solimar Chemistry™ Platform of modular workflow software solutions is available for purchase alongside SCREEN hardware and EQUIOS software technologies. It works well with composition, MIS, Web-to-Print (W2P), workflow, and finishing technologies. Our partnership features our first JDF/JMF integration to the print device. This market differentiator makes it possible for SCREEN high-speed inkjet customers to obtain ink and media reporting per job through the Chemistry SOLitrack dashboard, tracking, and reporting system.

SCREEN Workflow

Through our mutual customer experiences, Solimar and SCREEN boost Return on Investment (ROI), onboarding efficiencies, automation, optimization, and overall production visibility, tracking, reporting, and auditability.

We invite you to discuss Solimar and our modular workflow solutions with your SCREEN sales and solutions architects. Our team here at Solimar is also happy to collaborate and join any discussion to help facilitate the best possible print and digital delivery solution for your organization.


When driving SCREEN printers, SOLitrack supports JDF and JMF to support information exchange such as finishing controls along with the job status and processing state. printer status, as well as ink and media usage.

SCREEN Ink Media Usage - JDF Integration

Chemistry™ - Transition to SCREEN Inkjet

Solimar Drives SCREEN ROI

We are excited to share this information with you.Learn more about the modular Solimar Chemistry™ workflow platform by watching our short video overview.

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