PDF Optimization with ReadyPDF - Solving Workflow Challenges Through PDF Optimization

You Need Powerful PDF Optimization! Discover Use Cases and Solutions

This video will introduce ReadyPDFⓇ, our cutting-edge PDF optimization solution. We’ll delve into the common challenges faced by businesses dealing with PDF files and demonstrate how ReadyPDF addresses these challenges through real-world examples from our satisfied customers and partners.

The Significance of PDF Optimization

Why is optimizing PDF files crucial? The answer is simple: many applications generate subpar PDF files that need to align better with print production requirements. This becomes evident when your printers run below their rated speed or fail to process jobs due to errors. Sometimes, the quality of the PDFs could be better, or they are excessively large, slowing down your production print and e-delivery processes.

We’ve categorized these challenges into three areas:

  • Preflighting and Validation: Ensuring PDFs meet production standards
  • Production Efficiencies: Enhancing overall workflow performance
  • Quality Control: Standardizing and improving output quality

Goals Achieved through ReadyPDF

Let’s explore specific goals our customers have accomplished by implementing ReadyPDF in these areas:

Performance Enhancement:

  • Ensure high-speed printers run at rated speed
  • Expedite file processing to meet deadlines
  • Optimize file structure, compression, object handling, and font/resource usage
  • Improve file transfer speed and reduce storage requirements
  • Avoid production disruptions and take on more work

Quality Control:

  • Standardize image resolution and flatten for consistent output
  • Manage color profiles and rendering intent
  • Conditionally control color aspects like images, text, shading, and graphics
  • Optimize images, discard alternates, and control downsampling
  • Create test files for quality control without exposing live data

Quality Control of PDF Workflows:

  • Validate PDFs to ensure they’re print-ready
  • Identify missing fonts, off-page content, or page rotation issues
  • Provide detailed reporting to troubleshoot issues
  • Validate PDF files for production quality and compliance

Customer Success Stories

Let’s examine how ReadyPDF has empowered organizations across various industries:

Matrix Imaging Solutions:

  • Streamlined workflow automation
  • Reduced processing time from 14 hours to 2-4 hours
  • Standardized incoming PDF files
  • Halved client onboarding time
  • Significantly reduced file sizes for print and e-delivery

State of Colorado Integrated Document Solutions (IDS):

  • Handled increased print volume
  • Reduced processing time from 14 hours to 2-4 hours
  • Supported new capabilities such as proofs, piece tracking, and batching


  • Processed 10 million files efficiently
  • Reduced processing errors
  • Improved file spooling times
  • Normalized output from internal platforms
  • Eliminated costly test print runs

The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Print and Mail Services:

  • Reduced file sizes and storage requirements
  • Supported inkjet workflows
  • Enhanced efficiency and reduced processing time
  • Improved output quality

Gilmore Global:

  • Reduced processing time from 24 hours to 1 hour
  • Facilitated inkjet workflows

Independent Testing and Recognition

Keypoint Intelligence:

Found ReadyPDF reduces file sizes, improves output quality, streamlines complexity, and reduces ripping times.


Conducted lab tests and identified benefits in production-optimized PDF files, resulting in time savings and increased efficiency.

ReadyPDF has the potential to significantly enhance your PDF-related workflows and help you achieve your production goals. We invite you to discuss your specific needs with us and join our growing list of success stories.

The PDF file format continues to gain popularity both in print and electronic or digital communications. As of 2020, there were an estimated 2.5 trillion PDF documents globally—a number that is growing every day. The abundance of PDF has tipped the scales for organizations taking in PDF for print and digital delivery by causing bottlenecks.

Bottlenecks can occur from inefficiently constructed files in make-ready, pre-processing and production, as well as during simple transfers of files. In addition, such inefficiencies may cause content to display slowly for users in interactive and consumer-facing workflows. This is why Print Service Providers (PSPs) need powerful PDF optimization tools integrated into their workflow. In fact, our Customer Advisory Council members helped support the development of this award-winning Solimar Systems solution by sharing their need for additional capabilities in our modular Chemistry™ platform.

ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™ is an industrial PDF optimization workflow software solution designed for those seeking to automate, templatize and rapidly improve the PDFs they are creating or onboarding to their print production or digital delivery environments. By taking the manual processes and interventions out of production workflow, many Print Service Providers (PSPs) are seeing an instant Return on Investment (ROI) that positively impacts their Costs of Good Sold (COGS).

How do you know if ReadyPDF server is a solution that might benefit your organization? This video shows examples of use cases and results from independent Keypoint Intelligence lab testing, customer experiences, and findings from our research and development. After watching this video, we invite you to start your journey to discovering a better way to leverage PDFs for your print production and digital delivery workflow processes. Reach out to us today.

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