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Solimar University Online (SUO) Under Construction

Solimar University Online (SUO) Learning Platform is expanding and will be back soon!

“Sorry for the dust! Solimar University Online (SUO) is currently undergoing some renovations and enhancements to become easier to use and more powerful. Once back online, SUO will feature a new and improved look and organizational structure to help support the extensive library of training materials that will be available to our current clients and partners.

Please feel free to register for SUO so you can access the learning platform once our enhancements are complete. New and existing SUO users will receive an email notifying them when the system is live, and instruction on how to register for the new SUO platform.

Thank you for your patience and check back soon!

Currently. registrations for Solimar University Online (SUO) are available to customers and partners with an active maintenance contract or agreements with Solimar Systems. If you have questions regarding SUO membership or require additional information about our learning platform, please contact our sales associates.

To apply for membership, please complete the following form. Please note, all registration requests go through an approval process. Once approved, you will be notified at the email address provided within 2 business days.

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