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The BCC Software & Solimar Partnership

Solimar Systems partners with BCC Software, a leading provider of mailing software solutions designed to optimize postage costs and improve data processing workflow efficiency, to provide high volume mailers the benefits of electronic address correction and presorting when integrated with easy to use post-composition processes.

Integrating BCC Mail Manager™ technology with Solimar’s award-winning Rubika® document re-engineering solution streamlines workflows, reduces postage costs, improves mailing compliance and increases productivity by enabling longer print runs. The cohesive solution provides end-to-end mail-processing features such as presorting, address standardization, de-duping and more. USPS® CASS™ and PAVE™ certified BCC Mail Manager handles mailing jobs with simplicity and efficiency.

Optimize Postal Workflows: Prepress to Production to Piece Level Tracking

Integrating BCC Software into Chemistry™ workflows provides an end-to-end view of the document production cycle helping printers better optimize performance and manage risk.

Today’s transactional and variable data printers need document tracking accuracy throughout production, starting from file receipt and going through the mailing process in order to meet SLA and compliance requirements. Solimar’s Chemistry™ platform helps printers do exactly this by tracking jobs from end to end. By integrating with BCC Software, organizations can seamlessly extend job tracking through insertion to physical delivery providing greater visibility and reporting into each job, along each step of the process.

Piece Level Tracking and Postal Integration - Chemistry

As an integration partner, BCC Software extends visibility and ensures compliance for print centers through postal cleansing and tracking individual mail pieces at critical points in the production workflow. This integration allows production environments to track jobs from the time the files arrive, through printing and finishing and include delivery data when carrier information is available. As a result, organizations can better manage operational performance, grow their business and reduce risk.

State of Colorado - BCC Software Integration

Using the Solimar Chemistry CCM platform capabilities, State of Colorado – IDS was able to enhance and automate many of the workflows brought over from the 22 divisions within the Department of Revenue.

State of Colorado Success Story - Chemistry

Other efficiencies have been possible using Solimar tools for adding Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB) to existing documents using Rubika, which saves on mail costs. In fact, improvements to data and print workflows have resulted in significant annual savings for the Department of Revenue, with even more savings in postage due to IDS’ commingling of all the State’s outgoing mail and householding capabilities.

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