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The Allyant & Solimar Relationship

Solimar Systems and Allyant bring together proven workflow and accessibility solutions for organizations that create, manage, produce and deliver information. Through our partnership, we offer providers of print and digital communications methods to make their communications accessible so that their message can be inclusive to all people. Focusing on PDF, both Solimar and Allyant have solutions to rapidly implement, manage and deliver optimized PDF-based solutions with a positive customer experience.

Accessibility Diagram - Allyant

Additionally, Allyant is part of the T-Base family of companies, which makes it possible for them to offer accessible PDF, Braille, large print, audio, e-text, and accessibility solutions for websites. This powerful set of offerings makes it possible to rapidly onboard communications into a production environment while optimizing the processes and output to the recipient’s needs for the best customer experience.

Accessibility Built Into Your Document Lifecycle/Workflow

Organizations are searching for accessibility solutions for the documents that are generated by their internal systems. These systems are often complex, have complicated workflows and are tightly integrated. Traditional document accessibility solutions are not a good fit as the files cannot wait to be manually remediated. As a result, these files are often inaccessible, leaving a company at significant legal risk of non-compliance.

Allyant has solutions that verify documents are accessible and compliant with the standards, and maintain the integrity of your proven systems and workflows.

As companies shift to multi-channel delivery systems, you need solutions to ensure that PDF documents that are delivered by mobile, web or eDelivery methods are tested and tagged for accessibility before distribution

Allyant Automation

Each tool can be accessed by an API for seamless integration into your backend systems and to ensure that the existing workflow is not affected. Provide PDF tagging for eDelivery or archive for high volume documents using CommonLook Al or Dynamic. For the testing of documents for accessibility compliance, CommonLook Clarity is the best option. Commonlook Service is our on-demand remediation service for one off documents that are not automated.

Are Your Digital PDFs Really Inclusive?Let Accessibility Empower Effective Brand Loyalty.

If you deal with communications, you have probably heard of a PDF file. You also may know that they can be used for creating print and digital experiences. What you may not know is that a portion of your audience is unable to engage and interact with your communications, especially the digital versions. As we continue to talk about Digital Transformation, the reality is that a lot of communications to consumers are generated by systems that print and digitally render materials. Newer creation systems (a.k.a. Composition systems) are better at managing the design and output, but they still may not be able to create an optimal experience so that all of your digital PDF content is inclusive. Watch this on-demand webinar to understand why being inclusive with your digital PDF content is important and how you can leverage workflow software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to streamline production and delivery while controlling costs and empowering positive customer experiences for your brand.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • More about print and digital workflows
  • Accessibility and why it is important to your brand and digital PDF documents
  • How poor tagging creates a frustrating customer experience
  • What a good experience a properly tagged PDF provides
  • Next steps your organization can take after learning about PDF accessibility

Additional Accessibility Videos & Information

The Why, How, and Importance of Accessibility in Delivered Communications

The Solimar and CommonLook (now Allyant) collaboration is important to both companies’ expanded accessibility, workflow, and document output environment tacking and visibility offerings. We are excited for you to learn how current and prospective Chemistry™ platform users can see an ROI boost.

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We are excited to share this information with you.Learn more about the modular Solimar Chemistry™ workflow platform by watching our short video overview.

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