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Solimar Systems partners with Konica Minolta Business Solutions in the United States to empower print and digital delivery providers with cohesive workflow software solutions. Customers can leverage an expanded range of options to harness the latest innovations in cutsheet inkjet printers. Whether potential or current customers are looking at toner devices or inkjet cutsheet in the KM-1, Konica Minolta has offerings compatible with many different print and production market environments. Solimar and KM combine decades of experience in both workflow software solutions and digital cutsheet printing equipment through this collaborative partnership.

The Solimar Chemistry™ Platform of modular workflow software solutions is available for purchase alongside KMBS hardware as a valued Reseller. Our partnership features advanced control of print workflows through JDF/JMF integrations to the print device. This market differentiator makes it possible for KM high-speed cutsheet customers to standardize on the PDF file format, optimize that PDF, and control finishing in ways previously left to legacy datastreams like AFP, IPDS, Metacode, PCL, VIPP, and PostScript®. Through our mutual customer experiences, Solimar and KMBS boost Return on Investment (ROI), onboarding efficiencies, automation, optimization, and overall production visibility, tracking, reporting, and auditability. Solimar and KM also provide value-added capabilities such as production environment dashboards and alerts through our commercially off-the-shelf and fully supported SOLitrack suite as part of the Chemistry platform. With a single point of control, Solimar provides crucial features that optimize the throughput and uptime of your KMBS investment.

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Solimar also offers flexible and proven digital solutions for archive, e-presentment, and customer portals as part of the Chemistry platform. With rich customer success stories in many markets, we look forward to sharing how your business can be transformed.

We invite you to discuss Solimar and our modular workflow solutions with your KMBS sales and solutions architects. Our team here at Solimar is also happy to collaborate and join any discussion to help facilitate the best possible print and digital delivery solution for your organization.

Chemistry™ - Transition to Inkjet - KM

We are excited to share this information with you.Learn more about the modular Solimar Chemistry™ workflow platform by watching our short video overview.

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