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Empowering Chemistry

Newsletter - May 2021

May flowers bring June smiles 😊. This newsletter is full of hope and good news! I hope you find inspiration in our new customer success cases, product enhancements, insightful articles, SUO training content and the Solimar 30-year anniversary video.

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Mary Ann Rowan
Chief Experience Officer
Solimar Systems, Inc.

Mary Ann Rowan, CXO, Solimar Systems

News & Updates

Kyocera and Solimar Partnership

The collaboration provides transactional and variable data print service providers with a comprehensive workflow solution to maximize the efficiency and productivity of their Kyocera TASKalfa Pro 15000c inkjet production printer.

Mele Printing Postage Savings

Mele Printing’s high-volume production capabilities support digital publishing, printing, finishing and mailing for customers nationwide. They take pride in their printing and business solutions to produce and distribute direct mail, statements, bills/invoices, and correspondence/letters, but also in their strong community roots.

SOLitrack v24

This version of SOLitrack includes many new features including web-based job control, proof and approval capabilities, and JDF finishing for PDF files — all to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of a remote print production workflow.

Thoughts and Inspirations

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The shift to remote working in the last 12 months has been easier to manage for workers that typically do most of their work from an office; however, the print industry has requirements for operators and skilled workers to be onsite working with equipment on the production floor.

TIFF Usefulness is Dead!

The Tagged Image File Format, TIFF, was once the standard for archiving essential documents because it is a lossless format. It grew in the era of fax machines, early scanners, and archive solutions when the concern was fidelity to the original, though TIFF images can be edited with most image editors.

ReadyPDF Use Cases

As of 2020, there were an estimated 2.5 trillion PDF documents globally—a number that is growing every day. The abundance of PDF has tipped the scales for organizations taking in PDF for print and digital delivery by causing bottlenecks.

Insiders and Secrets


In this SolimarSecrets video, Pat McGrew, Industry Expert, Analyst and Managing Director of McGrewGroup and our Solimar President, Drew Sprague, discuss the Automated Document Factory (ADF), the history, the current state and the future.

Know more, work smarter

New SUO Content

Every month our SUO team is creating new content for you. Product overviews, technical deep-dives, and many more topics. Highlights this month: more PLT (Piece Level Tracking) hands-on videos, and an updated SOLitrack 2.4 overview.

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“We determined that we are now saving nearly $60,000 per year because of Rubika’s heavy lifting. On top of that, we are on track for our sales revenue to increase $25,000 per year because of our ability to take on additional work that we could not previously accept.”

Kenny Burger
CIO, Mele Printing

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