Solimar Systems’ New SOLitrack 2.4 Adds Timely Productivity Tools Volume Printers Need

February 16, 2021

SOLitrack v24

SOLitrack 2.4 delivers web-based job control, proof and approval, and JDF finishing control for an efficient PDF-centric production print workflow

February 16, 2021 – Solimar Systems, provider of leading workflow solutions for print production and digital communications, today announces the release of SOLitrack™ version 2.4. This version includes many new features including web-based job control, proof and approval capabilities, and JDF finishing for PDF files — all to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of a remote print production workflow.

Key to the ease-of-use and overall visibility that SOLitrack 2.4 provides is a central dashboard, now available worldwide as a web-based platform with SOLitrack Mobile. The dashboard displays event notifications and tracks Solimar’s Chemistry™ platform components in detail providing users in-depth views of their production workflow processes.

SOLitrack 2.4 keeps a continuous record of processing activity which provides a history of the entire workflow that can be viewed and reported on in real-time. The platform constantly monitors the production workflow for errors, notifying appropriate users on issues or events needing attention.

“Many print businesses need their operational staff to remotely oversee and manage processes in their factories. As such, company managers need visibility, live access, and control to ensure production processes run smoothly,” states Mary Ann Rowan, Chief Experience Officer, Solimar Systems. “SOLitrack provides a comprehensive, reliable production print workflow solution to do just that. It enables companies to track and report on workflow processes from the shop floor or remote locations.”

In addition, the Proof and Approval feature in SOLitrack 2.4 empowers In-Plants and Print Service Providers (PSPs) to automate the approval process of jobs and work orders. From the secure, web-based SOLitrack client, everyone in the approval chain can easily review, approve or reject jobs. Individual components of jobs can be managed with the Piece Level Tracking (PLT) feature. This Proof and Approval process also supports multi-step approvals, including rules for the overall review process, notifications and auto-approvals based on schedules and events.

With SOLitrack’s support for Job Definition Format (JDF) finishing controls, operators can direct jobs to JDF-enabled printers to dynamically apply the appropriate tray calls, stapling, binding, or other finishing. The benefit for PSPs is time savings, a simplified print production workflow and overall reduced operational costs.

“We’re excited to deliver this new functionality and grateful to our Customer Advisory Council members who provided helpful insights to help boost their productivity and empower remote working,” adds Rowan. “We’re working hard to make 2021 a stellar year full of valuable enhancements as well as a celebration of our 30th anniversary.”


Solimar Systems: Mary Ann Rowan

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