Overview of New Features in Rubika 4.3

Rubika® has a number of feature and function upgrades in the 4.3 release. These enhancements are driven directly from feedback from our users in an effort to make our award-winning document re-engineering solution for high-volume transactional and variable-data printing and online viewing environments easier to use and more functional. The updates in version 4.3 include an integrated preview pane with drag and drop interface, import/export rules wizard, listed indexes/variables, as well as a streamlined and enhanced user interface.

This short, informative video shares the details about the latest enhancements to Rubika. By watching the video you will not only learn about the features but also see example screens directly from the application. Version 4.3 is the 5th major release update to Rubika with a focus on giving the interface a facelift that streamlines the user experience by organizing the setup with fewer clicks for commonly used tasks and hiding areas not commonly used in order to keep users focused on what’s most important.

Another significant update is the addition of an interactive document preview pane. This provides a drag-and-drop type interface for masking and placing content on the page. The great news is you can now drag and drop fields directly on the PDF where you want them to go when setting up configurations. You can see the file your working on interactively when drawing the bounding boxes for rectangles and placement of content that will be marked to the output. The placement can then be adjusted by moving the selections in the preview pane or in the configuration settings. The PDF can be zoomed in and out on and you can navigate through it page by page or based on your mailpiece indexes.

Another major change is the addition of wizards to walk users through some of the configuration items. This helps simplify common setup tasks related to defining fields for files related to reconciliation reports, address processing, archive systems, marketing analysis, inserter control files and so on.

Finally, the video will cover accessing indexes and variables used by many of the Modules and now are available to be selected from drop down lists within the related setup area as part of a composite string builder. This should reduce the need to refer to the documentation or your index template as much to remember what items are named. We’ve also introduced features that help with the support and management of your configurations. The Process Manager will now automatically create backups of configurations when changes are made and there’s a new option to export the information in a configuration to a file that summarizes all of your settings. This can help with documenting workflows, comparing configurations, version control and technical support efforts.

After viewing the video, if you have questions for our team, we invite you to contact us. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about Rubika 4.3.