Chemistry – Transition to Inkjet

Don’t let the transition from cut-sheet to inkjet scare you… Solimar makes this process easy and efficient with a number of ways to optimize your data and workflow to make moving to inkjet painless and worry-free. Let’s get started…


Working at the post-composition stage, Solimar uses your existing print stream or virtually any customer-supplied print data to drive production inkjet printers – eliminating the need to change any composition requirements. And with powerful print stream transforms, Solimar drives data indexing, document re-engineering, and eDelivery through PDF workflows.


Solimar provides numerous document re-engineering modules that can be applied to optimize your print jobs. These include intelligently adding PDF underlays to replace the need for preprinted shells – eliminating costs associated with time, storage, labor and waste.
In addition, content can be easily colorized to facilitate reading or draw attention to specific areas on your documents. For example, changing the font color to red for Total Amount Due on an Invoice or Credit Card Statement.


On your post-composition document, you can add messaging to existing white space, or mask out sections to add personalized content or promotional messaging. You can even add dynamic augmented reality experiences that when used with an AR app and smart device, brings documents to life with buttons, video and other interactive elements.

Augmented reality experiences can also be personalized to the individual user, and with geolocation awareness, the AR experiences can be tailored to include regional imagery, offers, and other local information.
In addition, with powerful data indexing tools, Solimar can unlock the data on your document giving you the ability to personalize content by dynamically adding digital inserts inside the print stream eliminating time-consuming manual collating and insertion.


Remove outdated barcodes and OMR marks and add new barcodes and sequence numbers to support various finishing workflows, including dynamic perfing and insertion equipment.


To better optimize production workflows, Solimar can combine small batches into a larger print run – increasing efficiency and eliminating the costly cycling up and down of the printer.


Ready to mail – Solimar provides the ability to digital commingle to maximize postal savings. Address information is extracted and sent to postal software for cleansing and validation. In addition, IMB barcodes are added and corrected address information is inserted. Then, the job can be resorted to be printed in presort order.


In order to maximize the output of your inkjet device, Solimar provides the ability to create imposed documents on the fly to support any of your print devices. 2-up, 4-up, Book Blocking – it doesn’t matter – Solimar can do it all…


To help support intelligent insertion equipment, the extracted data can be used to generate a file, such as an MRDF, and along with integrity systems and piece-level tracking solutions, this information used to generate automated reprints for recreates or damaged print jobs.


Want to keep track of all of this – no problem. Solimar tracks your jobs from receipt to delivery – including piece-level tracking in production. You can even track on the go with our mobile friendly monitor and tracking solution.

So let’s get started… Call us at +1.619.849.2800 and ask any of our Solimar representatives for more information or visit us anytime at

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