Detroit-Based Print Shop Delivers Confidence and Engagement with Workflow Software Partners

Wolverine Solutions Group (WSG) has been a long-time customer and partner of Solimar Systems. Based in Detroit, Michigan, they are a direct mail digital print shop that has full production capabilities. They focus on those important communications that their clients must deliver to recipients for good engagement, brand recognition, and brand loyalty. With their focus on data, security, and integrity, they have delivered communications for a wide variety of industries for over 40 years.

Picking a workflow software platform is not an easy decision; there are a lot of factors and it touches every facet of your digital and print communication production. Wolverine Solutions Group shares their perspective on the 25+ year partnership with Solimar from their second-generation family CEO to their Director of IT and their Client Success Program Manager. Learn how they have leveraged a strong working relationship, innovation, a flexible platform, and on-demand training to help power their continued success in the business-critical communications production and delivery marketplace.

Want to learn more about Wolverine Solutions Group and how they bring print technology, workflow software and people together to deliver an outstanding product for their customers? We invite you to watch this interview by INKISH and then take a moment to read this published case study with WSG and Solimar Systems.

The Solimar Chemistry™ Platform is a modular, configurable, and flexible workflow software solution that helps digital and print production environments create automated, optimized, and visible workflow processes. Capabilities that have been proven by customers like Wolverine Solutions Group to deliver significant Return on Investment (ROI). Learn more about the Chemistry Platform in this SolimarSecrets video.