Business Profile

PT. Datanet Indomedia has over twenty years of experience providing document output solutions to meet customer needs. Their vast experience working with banks and financial organizations enables them to understand their clients’ specific needs allowing them to deliver targeted solutions using modern technology.


Service bureau and document output solution outsourcer serving the banking and financial industries market.


Jakarta, Indonesia

Business Solution

  • Increase internal workflow efficiencies
  • Shorten production cycles and client project turnaround times
  • Improve data security
  • Implement greater control over document processing and output

Solimar Products

  • Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE)
  • PDF::IPDS transform
  • IPDS Print Controller
  • SPDE Queue Manager


  • Cut business processing and labor costs by 28%
  • Reduced client project turnaround time by an average of 20%
  • Reduced costs to control and manage print output by 19%
  • Increased customer satisfaction levels by 50%
  • Increased customer retention by 3%
PT. Datanet Indomedia

Solimar Helps Automate Workflows for Indonesia-based Service Provider

PT. Datanet Indomedia is an Indonesia-based company which provides document management related services for its clients. Founded in 1997, PT. Datanet Indomedia provides unique and specialized services to process data and develops documents to support banking and financial statement production and distribution. The company is headquartered in Jakarta and has several branches and drop centers to support its global distributions. Their business processing services include printing, finishing, inserting and mailing using professional couriers.

Equipped with the most modern technology from leading printing and inserting machines from worldwide manufacturers, PT. Datanet Indomedia has the knowledge and experience as a leader in the business document management services market.

PT. Datanet Indomedia develops, processes and distributes several different types of documents for its clients, including financial and banking statements, business correspondence, letters, bills, invoices and more. Each of the document types are diverse and have their own requirements and production challenges.

Solimar Systems interviewed, Lexsi Permana, Head of Commerce at PT. Datanet Indomedia to discuss how implementing Solimar technology has enhanced their infrastructure and improved their workflow capabilities through output automation.

“We selected the Solimar SPDE system based on the company’s reputation and their domain expertise.”

Lexsi Permana,
Head of Commerce, PT. Datanet Indomedia

The Challenge

PT. Datanet Indomedia performed an internal analysis of their organization and identified production improvement areas they wanted to address. Using new technology, the plan was to target and improve the following document services project areas:

  • Lack of system automation
  • Data security
  • Lack of output control and management
  • Slow turnaround time of client projects

“Production costs were too high and production project turnaround times were too long because we did not have adequate workflow automation in place. We simply had too much human intervention that involved manual operations,” said Permana. “Recurring tasks contained within repeatable workflows are usually best handled by software automation…and that is exactly what we lacked.”

PT. Datanet Indomedia understood they needed to make changes to their internal work processes and production workflows so they could improve the control and management of their own client projects. “Excessive labor and manual intervention lengthened our production workflows,” said Permana. “We needed to find a way to eliminate excessive human touch points to become more efficient with a shortened project turnaround time.”

“We also needed a system in place to ensure data security,” said Permana. “It is critical when working to support the banking and financial industries that our processes and systems protect data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its entire lifecycle. We needed to ensure any new technology would help us accomplish this very important data security objective.”

The Solution

As a new user of the Solimar® Print Director Enterprise (SPDE) solution, PT. Datanet Indomedia quickly discovered the value and benefits of the enterprise output management system. The client-server-based enterprise print management solution has improved the performance of production output processes and optimized management control at PT. Datanet Indomedia.

Utilizing advanced technology, SPDE combines multi-level security, remote administrator and operator access, event logging and notification, direct device connectivity capabilities, powerful job routing and tracking with industry-leading data stream transformations.

SPDE has given PT. Datanet Indomedia the flexibility to receive various output file formats and print them using any of their production printers. This is accomplished by SPDE performing conversion routines on print files to support the requirements of their production printers.

“We selected the SPDE system based on the Solimar’s reputation and their domain expertise in developing excellent software solutions,” stated Permana. “We knew Solimar was the leader in the output management space so we wanted to go with the best possible situation involving the vendor-software combination. We also understood the broad scope of functionality SPDE had to offer and the overall maturity of the solution.”

The SPDE functionality has provided an input and output environment allowing them any-to-any connectivity for their IT infrastructure. By providing combinations of inputs, outputs, and data stream conversions, the SPDE system has served as a powerful print manager that transparently supports their workflows that involve high volume printing and inserting.

In addition, the SPDE solution provides PT. Datanet Indomedia system administrators control in defining processing rules and workflow paths for all their client projects.
SPDE also offers automation functionality by providing access and control over print queues and jobs allowing PT. Datanet Indomedia to initiate and halt job processing, move jobs between various queues, control reprints, set event notifications plus many other features that help automate workflows.

“Our costs associated with controlling and managing our print output using SPDE has been reduced by more than 19%.”

Lexsi Permana,
Head of Commerce, PT. Datanet Indomedia

The Results

With SPDE and its strong and robust feature set, PT. Datanet Indomedia has been able to significantly reduce various production costs. “We have been able to cut our combined business processing and labor costs by 28%,” stated Permana. “This improvement was achieved by eliminating manual processes through software automation. SPDE has also reduced the turnaround time of client document projects by an average of 20%. Getting our customer projects completed sooner is critical for us. It allows us to set ourselves apart from the rest of the service providers and differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”

By implementing file automation processing, PT. Datanet Indomedia is now able to better manage workloads and projects. The SPDE load balancing functionality has increased output production by over 5%. “The overall production printing workflows are much smoother and faster today with SPDE. Our costs associated with controlling and managing our print output using SPDE has reduced by more than 19%.”

“With the help of quicker job turnaround, our customer satisfaction levels have increased by 50% which has helped our customer retention to increase by 3%,” said Permana. “As long as we can keep our customer satisfaction levels high, we will keep the customers we currently have as repeat business. Customer retention is very important to us and Solimar has helped us address that too.”

PT. Datanet Indomedia has also received excellent technical assistance and help from Solimar’s global award-winning technical support team. “We have always been given quick and timely product support when we needed it,” stated Permana. “The Solimar support staff communicates very well and supports us with guidance on workflow tips and techniques. As a new user of SPDE, the extra support and encouragement given by Solimar have been a big help for our users.”