Introducing ReadyPDF™ - Solimar's PDF Optimizer

Do you have ugly PDFs? To the eye, your PDF files may be very appealing, but what about the code under the covers? Not all PDFs are created equal. And because of that, you might have problems with production printing and e-delivery. See how Solimar not only identifies problems but also fixes and optimizes them using ReadyPDF.

Introducing ReadyPDF. An industry breakthrough solution to eliminate issues with PDF files, especially in environments for printing and displaying variable transactions and direct mail. Let’s look at 7 ways to achieve PDF optimization using ReadyPDF.

Combine and reuse resources to reduce data stream complexity and file size. The removal of duplicate resources and XObjects improves processing time and provides a more efficient file.

Consolidate fonts to reduce the number of duplicated fonts or subsetted Type1 fonts, which can result in a more streamlined PDF file. This action will fix and embed fonts.

Optimize the color for e-delivery or print with an automated rules-based dynamic selection of the appropriate color profile and device intent. (imagery: RGB to CMYK or to specific color profile)

Optimize color, grayscale, and monochrome images for the target device by using image conversion and downsampling to reduce file sizes for more efficient processing.

Remove user data and object information such as annotations, metadata, document tags and bookmarks, comments, and thumbnails to reduce file size.

Compress and optimize content streams and data structures, and remove all off-page objects, flatten layer transparency, and empty XObjects, to help address any content structure issues.

#7. CHOOSE ReadyPDF™ by Solimar Systems
Use ReadyPDF for high-performance processing including scheduling and automating tasks. Unlike shareware or other solutions, ReadyPDF is intended for mission-critical applications where ease of use and reliability are of utmost importance.

Don’t just deal with PDF problems – fix them with ReadyPDF!

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