Overview of New Features and Functionality in SOLitrack 2.2

In this video we will review the new features available in SOLitrack version 2.2. SOLitrack functions as a sophisticated tracking and output management system for enterprises that process high volumes of transactional documents. With the job tracking and reporting capabilities of SOLitrack, users equip themselves to meet their service level agreements and compliance needs. New features available in SOLitrack 2.2 include ink and media reporting, support for EQUIOS SV model printers from Screen, enhanced scheduling triggers, expanded language support, file viewing and support for the latest version of MS SQL Server.

Through our strategic partnership with Screen, we have continued to develop support for the JDF/JMF protocol for submission of print jobs to Screen printers equipped with Equios 3.4. The communication between SOLitrack and EQUIOS has been enhanced to support ink and media usage, and import of accounting logs for the TruePressJet 520S. This introduces improved job tracking and reporting from the Screen printer. In this video you will see examples of SOLitrack Mobile’s web browser display of a job’s progression on the Screen printer, which is enabled by submitting jobs from SOLitrack to the printer using JDF/JMF protocol. Submitting jobs to the Screen printer via JDF/JMF enables the automatic creation of reports related to ink and media usage in SOLitrack. Those Reports can then be viewed in charts on the SOLitrack Dashboard, and the table results can be exported to CSV for use in other reporting or accounting applications.

Ink and Media Reporting
Ink and Media details for each job are also available in the SOLitrack Client. New Ink and Media tabs have been added to the client’s lower panel of the Jobs view\ where users can see the actual amounts of CMYK the job used on the printer as well as the length of Media used. These are exciting and valuable new enhancements to SOLitrack’s support for JDF/JMF protocol and our partnership with Screen.

Viewing Documents
Also new in SOLitrack Mobile is the ability to view the print jobs managed in SOLitrack right within the responsive Mobile web site. As a responsive web site, SOLitrack Mobile enables users to view files on a tablet or their smart phone if they have been granted the appropriate ‘View File’ permissions by a SOLitrack Administrator.

Scheduling Triggers
SOLitrack 2.2 also offers new job scheduling triggers. These new triggers work in conjunction with the assignment of a Product attribute to jobs. By assigning a Product users then have the option to automatically set a job’s due date as well as enable batching of like work with matching Product assignments. From there, they can configure the automatic release of the job based on a scheduled trigger as the due date approaches. Automatic alerts can be configured to alert the production floor when a job’s behind schedule and potentially in danger of violating an SLA.

Expanded Language Support
The SOLitrack Client now supports localization in Japanese and Spanish when the OS context and language are set to those respective languages. Users have access to a complete selection of languages by taking advantage of SOLitrack Mobile’s built-in use of Google-Translate.

Microsoft SQL Server Support
SOLitrack version 2.2 now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2017. SQL Server 2008R2, 2012, 2014 and 2016 continue to be supported.

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