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Customer Spotlight : NCP Solutions

In the process of communicating with customers, organizations generate a significant amount of important, sometimes critical, information that recipients rely on. The challenge for most people that receive communications from their providers is: what to do with it all, how long should it be kept and how do you make those filing cabinets look less ugly?

While we can’t really help with the fashion of filing cabinets, Solimar does have experience in helping providers give their customers another way to manage their important information that is easier to access and less impactful on the interior décor of their office or home. Since we help our clients receive, create, manage and deliver the communications, we also offer a solution for tiered storage through our archive platform, SOLsearcher Enterprise or SSE.

This is important for our clients, especially those in regulated industries like mortgage, life insurance, and other financial and healthcare industries. And what makes it important is that storage is not always cheap, so organizations need a balance between providing the best customer experience and benefits and maintaining an efficient and cost-effective retrieval functionality with regard to their archive. Through SSE and its Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) features, Solimar provides an intuitive, efficient and powerful solution for maintaining high customer satisfaction and efficient operation.

Don’t just take our word for it though. NCP Solutions, an OSG Company, recently shared how they used SSE and our HSM features to solve one of their customer complaints and do it in record time. Before we jump in though, let us tell you a little bit about NCP Solutions. In fact, here is an excerpt from their website:

NCP Solutions

NCP Solutions produces and delivers mission-critical data and document outsourcing solutions for clients in a variety of industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare & Insurance, Public Sector, Hospitality, Auto Lenders, Telecommunications and Utilities.

Think about your mortgage statement. NCP Solutions might be the one that manages and delivers it to you. While providing you access to past information through their online document retrieval system called “Direct Access”.

NCP Solutions is a company that recognizes the needs of their customers and they were one of our early customers that came to Solimar and asked for tiered storage or HSM feature to be included in our flexible SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) archive and retrieval solution. As users of SSE, our team took their suggestion to heart, especially with their use case across multiple regulated industries.

SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) - E-Delivery and Archive

Hierarchical storage management (HSM)

SSE Hierarchical storage management

As many of our readers know, it is not uncommon for financial and healthcare industries to require the retention of communications sent to a customer. The challenge is the amount of time can vary. Sometimes it is as long as the life of the loan or even life plus some set period of time. As such, it is also not uncommon for the industry to leave information on faster storage for optimal retrieval for up to 60 days. This helps make sure customers get the best experience. Then, after that 60 days, providers will move information to longer-term storage with slower retrieval rates due to the significant cost reduction and data that shows the volume of retrieval is more current information.

For NCP though, they ran into a small snag with a customer of theirs. Their users were complaining that the speed at which they could access and retrieve electronically stored documents from Direct Access was slow and had been getting worse over time. It had gotten so slow, they decided to reach out to NCP to see if there was a fix.

NCP Solutions opened a ticket and started to investigate the cause of the slow retrieval. Since they rely on the Solimar SSE solution, it was easy to go in and check this customers configuration. Light bulb; the team at NCP discovered that when the archive was set up for this client, everything was being placed on devices used for long-term, slower retrieval. This hadn’t been quite as evident in the beginning, but as the data grew, the retrieval times declined. The solution was simple, they had to start archiving new documents to fast storage and reconfigure the setup to make sure anything up to 60 days old stayed on the fast storage prior to being moved to long-term retention.

The reconfiguration in SSE was simple and straightforward, but NCP believed that it would take some time for the customer to see the benefits with only new documents being stored on the faster storage. In 60 days, everything would be running as it was supposed to. Then, before they could call the customer, they got a pleasant surprise. The customer called and said speeds of retrieval were up and they appreciated the quick turnaround on the fix. So what happened?

Tim Cooper, Enterprise Architect, Information Technology, Harland Clarke Holdings Company, Solimar Systems

Tim Cooper
Chief Architect
NCP Solutions

SSE is a powerful tool that is built for high-volume, high-speed document retention and retrieval. When NCP reconfigured the policies for 60-day retention on faster storage, SSE moved any document fitting the criteria from slow storage back to fast. It wasn’t a change that only impacted new documents. According to Tim Cooper, Chief Architect at NCP Solutions, this was “A big win for NCP with just a simple configuration change in the Solimar tool.”

At Solimar, we work closely with clients like Tim, who is also a member of our Customer Advisory Council, so that we can understand real-world usage of our products and the needs and challenges organizations are still wrestling with. We invite you to learn more about our Chemistry Platform of print and digital communication workflow solutions. Our belief is that we can impact your workflow in positive ways, just like this example from Tim Cooper and NCP Solutions.

We hope to have the opportunity to enhance your workflow in the near future. Reach out to us today.

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