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Empowering ChemistryNewsletter - October 2020

Greetings from sunny San Diego! Our fall newsletter is packed with the latest news, inspiring insights, and summaries of the most recent events, notably our Keypoint Intelligence Buyers Lab Outstanding Innovation Award and our 2020 Virtual User Conference highlights – so be inspired today!

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Mary Ann Rowan

News & Updates

KPI Award - ReadyPDF Prepress Server

Our innovative PDF prepress solution delivers a cost-effective way to enable the Digital Front Ends (DFEs) of high-speed digital presses and printers to process data to maintain optimal press speeds. Initial lab tests of ReadyPDF server delivered impressive reductions in PDF file sizes along with automated PDF inspection and correction.

Press Release - SOLitrack 2.3

SOLitrack v2.3 combines the proven support of SOLitrack’s job level tracking with SOLsearcher™ Enterprise (SSE) to enable item or piece level visibility and management.

press release ReadyPDF KPI

ReadyPDF server is a PDF-centric production print solution that features a host of industrial file cleansing and optimization capabilities as well as standard print management functionality.

iCONVERT 10.4 Press Release

This powerful and established solution is a modular component of the Solimar Systems Chemistry™ platform and provides print centers with flexible and effective Intelligent Print Data Stream (IPDS) conversions and control.

Thoughts and Inspirations

Going Virtual

By this time, we have become accustomed to “live” or in-person events being canceled in lieu of virtual events leveraging online video conferencing technology. Yes, we have all gone virtual.

Industry Corner Podcast

Episode 39 – Industry Corner Podcast
IN THIS EPISODE: Chris clarifies information and misinformation about the Postal Service, the Postmaster-General, congressional oversight, and vote-by-mail.

Recent Events

2020 Conference Replays

The 2020 Solimar Virtual User Conference was broadcasted LIVE from San Diego and around the world and delivered 9 exciting and interactive sessions. In these sessions, we heard from industry analysts and our president along with many esteemed members of our Solimar Customer Advisory Council (CAC)

Videocasts, Canon printers, thINK Ahead 2020

In-Plants, Print Service Providers (PSPs) and Direct Mailers continue to search out ways to evolve their print environments so that they can optimize the process they have, bring in more work and continue to stay relevant to their customers while offering best-in-class offerings.

Videocasts, Canon printers, thINK Ahead 2020

Transactional print producers are critical both for brands and customers as the information provided in bills, statements, healthcare explanation of benefits, open enrollments and other communications is critical for recipients to receive on time.

Videocasts, Canon printers, thINK Ahead 2020

2020 has been a year to challenge even the healthiest print organizations. According to current research trends, now is the time to stay visible with your print buyers and customers because those brands that keep connected to their customers are the brands those same customers say they plan to spend money with in the future.

Know more, work smarter


Our SUO team has designed an all-new learning experience that includes enhanced searches and additional courses for you to advance and refine your Solimar product knowledge.

"RR Donnelley has been a long-time enterprise customer of the Solimar Chemistry platform for print file conversions and post-composition enhancements. ReadyPDF is now benefiting us in our pre-press processes as we cleanup and improve PDF files prior to production. I look forward to sharing my PDF optimization challenges and successes on the Customer Advisory Council Transactional Print Panel during their upcoming Solimar Virtual User Conference."

Brian CoxSenior Director, Software Development & BCS ArchitectureRR Donnelley

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