thINK Ahead 2020 - Time is Money! Assure Your Workflow is Fully Optimized to Leverage the Most of Your Canon Devices

2020 has been a year to challenge even the healthiest print organizations. According to current research trends, now is the time to stay visible with your print buyers and customers because those brands that keep connected to their customers are the brands those same customers say they plan to spend money with in the future. Make sure you are in the best position to tackle your current print business, especially inkjet, and go after new business by making sure your processes from onboarding, pre-press, enhancement, production, finishing and delivery are completely optimized and secure.

At Solimar, we believe it starts at the beginning, and by the beginning we mean when work hits your shop (often called onboarding). But it doesn’t end there; there are many processes or “workflows” that work coming into a print and electronic environment may follow—and we believe there is an opportunity to easily optimize those steps for significant customer benefit. To prove out that idea, this virtual thINK Ahead 2020 session shares real-world customer case studies for how optimization is keeping print businesses competitive, allowing them to fully utilize their state-of-the-art inkjet technology and driving operational savings through the improvement of PDF print files. The new business opportunity, time & cost savings and ease of implementation data shared in this session is something you won’t want to miss.

As an example, you will learn how one customer leveraged their post-composition tools set to save their organization over 2,000 hours of work on just one project. That is operational efficiency that positively impacts costs and customer satisfaction.

After watching this virtual thINK Ahead 2020 case study, we invite you to learn more about our modular workflow platform, Chemistry™, by contacting us today and start your journey to a more optimized and beneficial way to produce and deliver print and digital communications to your customers.

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