2020 Inkjet Summit – Transaction Case Study on ROI and KPI Test Results

Transactional print producers are critical both for brands and customers as the information provided in bills, statements, healthcare explanation of benefits, open enrollments and other communications is critical for recipients to receive on time. As transactional content shifts more and more in many provider environments to the PDF file format, there are challenges that arise in the onboarding into the production environment, pre-press activities, processing and the actual ability to print and complete the work due to errors or quality issues caused by poorly constructed PDF.

In this 2020 Virtual Inkjet Case Study, Solimar Systems presents information on our latest PDF optimization technology, independent lab tests results from Keypoint Intelligence and real-world experiences from customers leveraging this new optimization in their live environments. ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™ (part of our Solimar Chemistry™ Platform of modular solutions) is proving to create a positive impact on the print and digital delivery industry. Many of the capabilities and features included in this new PDF industrial optimization solution came directly from the input we received from our Customer Advisory Council (CAC) on the challenges they were having that were not being solved by available solutions. Listening to this, we sought to develop a new option that would change how print and digital communication providers are able to optimize, streamline and automate.

Also part of this engaging virtual session is our special guest speaker, a well-known industry analyst and expert, who will share the insight into why PDFs can cause bottlenecks (as do other print file types) and why choosing to correct these downstream instead of at the point of design or creation can not only be more beneficial to the creative process but also better ultimately for the printing and electronic production and delivery processes.

After watching this virtual Inkjet Summit case study, please don’t hesitate to contact us today and start your journey to a more optimized and beneficial way to produce and deliver print and digital communications to your customers.

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