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Empowering ChemistryNewsletter - February 2021

Happy Valentine’s greetings from San Diego, California! I hope you’re having a great start to 2021. We’re very grateful to you and all of our global customers and partners for 30-years of enduring relationships and successful business ventures.

I hope you find heartfelt inspiration in the articles and videos in this newsletter. Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions with me, anytime!

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Mary Ann Rowan
Chief Experience Officer
Solimar Systems, Inc.

Mary Ann Rowan, CXO, Solimar Systems

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VariVerge required a workflow solution for their print environment that would be compatible with its new and existing print production technology while providing additional cost savings. After selecting Solimar and implementing their modular Chemistry™ workflow solution, VariVerge estimates they have saved $100,000 in labor and development time.

SOLitrack v2.4

We are excited to release SOLitrack™ 2.4. A powerful tracking, reporting, and web-based workflow dashboard solution, SOLitrack now offers new remote working features designed to greatly benefit today’s print shops and their diverse print environments and customers. Additionally, the latest features include remote working capabilities for staff, partners, and customers.

Insiders and Secrets

SolimarSecrets Videos

Want to learn some SolimarSecrets? Check out the brief videos below on print workflow automation and market insights from subject matter experts and industry analysts.

Thoughts and Inspirations

Working Remote

There are many reasons one might be working remotely in the print and digital delivery industry. It might be because your company has made changes to how they are managing onsite staff due to the challenges of recent times. On the other hand, it could be in order to take advantage of a conference or educational event.

Storing PDF

PDF optimization (or lack of it) impacts your printing environment’s costs and savings. As experts in PDF, we believe there are significant cost savings to be unlocked based on how you handle PDFs; savings that have yet to be achieved by many Print Service Providers (PSPs) in their printing environments and archives.

Know more, work smarter

New SUO Content

Every month our SUO team is creating new content for you. Product overviews, technical deep-dives, and many more topics. Highlights this month: more PLT (Piece Level Tracking) hands-on videos, and an updated SOLitrack 2.4 overview.

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“We estimate that we saved well over $100,000 with Solimar. By not having to develop a separate workflow for our new inkjet press we avoided a very significant engineering effort and, in the process, a lot of dollars. This can now be redirected elsewhere thanks to Solimar and the flexibility of their products,” said Austin."

Luke AustinVice President/CEOVariVerge LLC

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