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Piece Level Tracking Blackboard Blog

Missing the Piece-Level Connection and the Hidden Costs Associated

Knowing where each individual piece is in the production and delivery process is important because of the legal requirements, contracted service level agreements and maintaining your customer’s satisfaction.

Visibility Eye Blog

How Important is Print Shop Visibility for 2020 and Beyond?

One of the pain points we hear a lot and see a lot out in the print and digital communications production and delivery market centers around visibility.

Printers Unite with a Goal to Converge—Thoughts on Expansion Opportunities

Here we sit coming into the final moments of 2019; our goals and objectives focused on wrapping up the year and launching into 2020.

Johnson & Quin Interview

Q&A with Manish Haria, CISO & CIO of Johnson & Quin—Their Inkjet Revolution

Solimar caught up with Manish Haria, CISO & CIO of Johnson & Quin to ask him about his leadership in the transition to inkjet and the impact of this technology on their business.

ReadyPDF - PDF Optimization

The Print and Digital Communications World Has Been Waiting for ReadyPDF™

Our latest innovation for our PDF-centric workflow software platform, Chemistry™, allows clients to solve PDF problems with seamless integration.

The Struggle is Real Blog

The Lessons of Semi-Retirement Will Look Good on Your Print Operations

As you continue to step back from the process and take it in, start to think about how software like that at Solimar could help the daily “struggle”.

2019 USPS Promotion

Print and Mail Bills and Statements for First-Class Mail? This Discount is for You

On May 15th, 2019, the United States Postal Service (USPS) opened the gates for organizations to register for their 2019 Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion.

2019 BCC Software’s Information Exchange

BCC Software’s Information Exchange: The Power of Mailing, Peer-to-Peer Learning and Partnership

This August marked another BCC Software Information Exchange; a conference focused on their software users, the mailing market and connection to solutions that will add value.

CRO Adventure Blog

Chief Changes: Are You Ready When Key People in Your Print Production Move On?

As some of you may have heard, I am starting a new adventure into retirement and as I work less and see the world more, I am excited to still be a part of the team as the Relationship Consultant (RC) for Solimar.

Software and Automation Drives Profits for Print and Digital Delivery

Software and Automation Drives Profits for Print and Digital Delivery

It struck us recently that people may still not have a great understanding of why we talk about print and digital file production and delivery—something we often refer to as workflow.