Latest SOLitrack 2.5 and SSE 4.0 Add New Security, Job Tracking and Usability Features

The Chemistry™ Platform sees another advancement with the latest release of both SOLitrack™ 2.5 and SOLsearcher™ Enterprise (SSE) 4.0. These modular solutions come together within Chemistry to provide configurable, repeatable and supportable solutions for print production and digital delivery environments around the world. This new release of our productized tracking, reporting, and visibility dashboard solution for print and digital communication workflows adds significant security and usability features. They pair with our archive and e-presentment model to provide advanced piece-level tracking of composed communications for printing, mailing, and digital delivery channels.

In this video presentation, our team takes you through the feature additions for both SOLitrack 2.5 and SSE 4.0. We will share a few of the benefits you could leverage as a producer of print materials, digitally delivered communications, or both.

Celebrating 30 years in business as of March of 2021, our technology has consistently been used for highly-secure, high-volume production environments. With experience in these types of print and digital workflows, security continues to be a focus as we develop the Chemistry platform. We invite you to watch this video to learn about our security additions as well as other features that are standard in our solutions to help you decrease your time to market with printed or digitally delivered communications.

As a quick review, SOLitrack is a configurable print and digital workflow production tracking and reporting system. It is designed to help print and digital material producers maintain visibility and oversight from the time work is received until delivery to the final customer. At its core, SOLitrack manages, tracks, reports and makes visible the processes jobs and orders take through a print shop or production environment. In 2021, having the ability to know, understand and control what is happening in your production print environment, including digital transformations and delivery, is critical. SOLsearcher Enterprise (SSE) is a powerful and highly secure electronic document delivery and web presentment solution that enables organizations to effectively index, store, search and retrieve large collections of transactional documents.

For more information, please visit our full SOLitrack and SSE solution pages or reach out to our Chemistry Team. We look forward to helping you on your workflow journey.