KPI Results Interview (3 of 3)Is PDF Optimization Easily Automated and Integrated into Print Shops?

In this final installment of our three-part series discussing PDF workflow optimization, the topic turns to where and how this technology fits into print production and digital delivery environments. Pat McGrew, McGrewGroup, and Ryan McAbee, Consultant and Researcher, continue the conversation about workflow optimization, and more specifically, the Keypoint Intelligence white paper on the lab tests of PDF file optimization using ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™.

In this discussion, Pat and Ryan take a look at file and workflow process attributes that you may not have given a lot of consideration in the last few months or years. In many organizations where PDF files are used, the current level of file optimization through both manual processes and automation is considered optimal. That may not be true. The purpose of the Keypoint Intelligence Lab testing was to validate that there are file improvements that can positively impact the entire print production and digital delivery process, from the time it is onboarded to the time it is delivered to a recipient.

Some of those attributes include the file size, the time to process at each step of the workflow, the RIP time at the printer, and optimization for the intended channel, such as print or digital delivery. Pat and Ryan talk about the benefits that come from optimizing for these attributes in print production and digital delivery workflows. Additionally, they share their perspectives on what print segments and kinds of businesses will benefit from this kind of workflow optimization. The answer might surprise you. If you missed our earlier parts, be sure to go back and watch Part 1 and Part 2. We also invite you to request access to the full white paper.

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