KPI Results Interview (1 of 3)Do Printers Really Achieve Advantages from Optimized PDF?

When talking about the optimization of workflows, and the files that run through those workflows, it’s important to take a step back and ask the hard question: Does it really matter or is it just a perceived benefit?

Pat McGrew, McGrewGroup, and Ryan McAbee, Consultant and Researcher, have a discussion in this on-demand video covering the white paper authored by Ryan, Optimization: The Better Way to Boost Print Shop Performance (request the full white paper here). In this three-part series, Pat and Ryan start at the ground floor by talking about workflow optimization and why it is crucial to today’s digital print production and digital delivery environments. Whether you are a brand with an In-Plant print center, a Print Service Provider (PSP), or a printer that provides services such as Direct Mail, this conversation centers on the real-world workflow optimization considerations and standardization on optimizable file formats such as PDF.

At Solimar Systems, we see this topic as critical to being agile and flexible given the rapidly changing customer and market requirements. As you listen to Pat and Ryan, they will dig into workflow optimization for print production and digital delivery factories by discussing automation, Web-to-Print (W2P), and the value that research and customer experiences create for printers.

Be sure to watch part 2 and part 3 in this series to get the full picture of workflow optimization, PDF as your standard file format, and how this creates value for your print, mail, and digital delivery production environment. Finally, we invite you to learn more in this short video that shares use cases for impactful PDF optimization.

For a quick overview of the modular Solimar Chemistry Platform, we invite you to watch this short video.

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