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Turbocharging SPDE Workflows with SOLitrack: 9 Game-Changing Features

Real magic happens when you pair SPDE with SOLitrack™, a low-cost, pre-integrated, state-of-the-art production dashboard. This presentation highlights nine key ways SOLitrack can dramatically improve your SPDE workflows, taking them to the next level.

(Length: 6:31)

4 Ways Rubika Can Empower Smart Batching Workflows

Rubika, our powerful PDF document re-engineering tool, offers four ways to enhance batching workflows and streamline production processes.

(Length: 6:06)

Optimizing Your Solimar Environments: Best Practices and Pitfalls

Maintaining stability and minimizing unplanned downtime is essential for production environments. This summary provides insights on managing your Solimar production environments more effectively, helping you prevent downtime and improve overall performance.

(Length: 7:22)

JDF: The Key to Successful Print Shop Automation

Pat McGrew, Managing Director, McGrewGroup, and Drew Sprague, President & CEO, Solimar Systems, discuss the growing importance of Job Definition Format (JDF) in the print industry. As automation becomes more critical for print shops, the ability to effectively manage complex workflows and integrate various devices and systems is crucial. JDF has emerged as a powerful tool that makes this possible.

(Length: 27:22)

Exploring the Importance of Zero-Trust Test Environments in the Print Industry

Pat McGrew, Managing Director, McGrewGroup, and Ryan McAbee, Chief Analyst of PixelDot Consulting explore the importance of zero-trust test environments in the print industry. They highlight the need for businesses to protect their data and systems from cyber threats and ensure they meet audit requirements and security standards.

(Length: 25:18)

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SolimarShorts cover many of the hot topics that our industry faces. In topical segments, each SolimarShorts gives a quick glimpse into the power of Solimar’s suite of solutions and how organizations can realize operational and mailing efficiencies, added value to existing applications, TransPromotional implementation, and other workflow optimization opportunities.

Electronic Efficiencies – Part 1: Introduction to Electronic Presentation

Introduction to electronic presentation including overview of benefits and what to look for in a solution.

(Length: 3:59)

Electronic Efficiencies – Part 2: Improving User Productivity

Overview of how electronic workflows can compliment production print environments for increased efficiencies and profitability by improving user productivity.

(Length: 3:49)

Electronic Efficiencies – Part 3: Reduce Print Related Costs

See how electronic workflows can compliment production print environments to reduce print related costs, improve proofing efficiencies and support "green" and compliance initiatives.

(Length: 4:59)

Electronic Efficiencies – Part 4: Enhancing the Presentation of Output

Learn how electronic workflows can increase efficiencies and profitability by unlocking the data contained in printed output and enhancing output with online presentment.

(Length: 4:45)

Electronic Efficiencies – Part 5: Optimize Storage and Data Transmission

Overview of strategies to optimize storage and data transmission requirements with electronic workflows for increased efficiencies and profitability in production print environments.

(Length: 5:17)

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Rapid Response for the State of Colorado with the Solimar Chemistry Platform

Using the Solimar Chemistry CCM platform capabilities, State of Colorado - IDS was able to enhance and automate many of the workflows brought over from the 22 divisions within the Department of Revenue.

(Length: 13:02)

Solving Challenges in a Mixed Vendor Shop with Solimar Systems

Staying at the cutting edge of technology to delight customers is the hallmark of IWCO. For more than 50 years, they have been at the forefront of helping clients create winning marketing strategies, and the Solimar Systems’ Chemistry™ platform is helping them stay in the lead.

(Length: 13:46)

Matrix Imaging Solutions Stays Ahead of Customer Demand with Solimar Solutions

Brian Ray, the Chief Technology Officer at Matrix Imaging Solutions, shares updates on how the company is leveraging Solimar's ReadyPDF optimization software.

(Length: 7:39)

Borns Group

Borns Group, Inc. is a full-service marketing, print and mailing service provider. Offering single-source convenience, Borns Group delivers expertise and resources to support any type of business communication needs.

(Length: 30:50)

State of Colorado Video Case Study

State of Colorado Integrated Document Solutions discusses the benefits of using Solimar solutions and how it impacts the their printing operations and customer experience.

(Length: 6:05)

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Solimar Systems’ New SOLitrack 2.4 Adds Timely Productivity Tools Volume Printers Need

Solimar Systems announces the release of SOLitrack version 2.4. This version includes many new features including web-based job control, proof and approval capabilities, and JDF finishing for PDF files — all to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of a remote print production workflow.

(Length: 10:25)

Solimar Systems Releases SOLitrack v2.3 with Enhanced Piece Level Management and Tracking Functionality for Increased Job Control

Solimar Systems, Inc. today announces the release of SOLitrack version 2.3 with a new Piece Level Tracking (PLT) solution for enhanced tracking of individual processes and increased visibility.

(Length: 11:38)

Solimar Systems Launches Secure IPP Print Server for Reliable, Automated Data and Document Protection

Solimar Systems, Inc has launched the Secure IPP Print Server™ for digital print environments to support encrypted data transmission using the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).

(Length: 3:29)

Solimar Systems Launches ReadyPDF Prepress Server to Deliver Significant Production Workflow Efficiencies and Increased ROI

Solimar Systems, Inc., today launched Solimar ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™ enabling users to overcome production-critical production and automation inefficiencies associated with PDF files.

(Length: 2:30)

Solimar Systems Advances Visibility and Management of Print Factories with Launch of SOLitrack 2.2

Solimar Systems, Inc. announces SOLitrack 2.2, the latest version of SOLitrack that provides users with an improved centralized platform for print job tracking, status reporting and visibility.

(Length: 5:58)