What the State of Colorado Says About Solimar Solutions

If you have met with Solimar Systems in the past, you have already discovered that we strive to be a client-first organization. That focus allows us to work with our clients closely; a relationship that creates an opportunity for them to share how their challenges—and successes—can help other organizations with their print and digital communications.

The State of Colorado Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) group is characterized as an In-Plant printing center. They are responsible for a majority of the State’s printed materials from warrants and automotive registration renewals to utility bills and promotional print such as calendars, banners, and posters. As an In-Plant with critical and regulated communications that need to be delivered to citizens within the State of Colorado (as well as outside the State), their team needed a solution that would speed up onboarding, make work more automated and be able to report on the entire process end-to-end. These are all capabilities they partnered with Solimar and our team of experts to supply.

In this video, we will introduce you to the IDS team: Mike Lincoln, Colorado State Printer, Gilbert Gomez, Variable Data Designer, and Jerry Gentry, Assistant Manager, as they share the benefits of using Solimar solutions and how it impacts the State of Colorado IDS printing operations and customer experience. If you can relate to the needs of the State of Colorado, we invite you to reach out to our team. We would love to help you assess your current communications creation and delivery environment and help you chart a path to a more automated, efficient and visible workflow.

About Integrated Document Solutions (IDS)

Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) is the Colorado State Printer and is an end-to-end document management operation, serving all government entities across Colorado. IDS advises, assists, and supports each agency’s needs and provides a wide variety of document solutions at a professional level; and at a fraction of the cost of private vendors. From business cards, graphic design and print to imaging, mail, and delivery, IDS partners with each agency to offer professional services tailored to each program’s need and budget. Since IDS provides so many business services in-house, it is relatively simple to integrate any number of these services into a seamless operation for agencies, resulting in more efficient processes and lower costs. We continually strive to eliminate inefficient and outdated practices by taking advantage of 21st-century technology so we can provide our customers with high-quality and cost-effective document solutions.