ReadyPDF Prepress Server: Optimizing PDF Files for Efficient Processing

PDF Validation: Ensuring Compliance and Reducing Errors

ReadyPDF® provides industrial optimization of PDF files for eDelivery, archiving, proofing and production printing. A significant enhancement to the software is PDF validation, addressing the challenges of handling problematic files in production. PDF files can be complex and contain a variety of objects, often leading to errors introduced by the PDF creation software.

In validation mode, ReadyPDF scans PDF files for compliance with the PDF 1.7 specification, checking for issues such as missing or corrupted content. Problematic files are routed for special handling before causing potential issues in production. ReadyPDF can also resolve common problems, facilitating automated processing based on PDF file attributes. Additional job variable information is now included in the PDF validation process, allowing users to determine the processing rules for each PDF, such as optimizations or rejecting files likely to fail in production.

Preflight Reporting: Enhancing Quality Control

ReadyPDF also offers preflight reporting as part of the application onboarding and validation process. Preflight mode analyzes the PDF file for production quality and compatibility, allowing users to specify which PDF elements should be detected and added to the preflight report. Users can view the details and see the matched content highlighted on the PDF page when an item is found. Examples of preflight information include overall PDF structure, font, color space, XObject forms, and image information.

Validation, preflight, and reporting information are crucial for quality control workflows, particularly when onboarding new applications. Validating files before sending them to production saves time and reduces frustration.

Additional Enhancements: Improved Functionality and User Support

Other improvements to ReadyPDF include sample configurations and template settings for various PDF optimization use cases, aiding initial learning and application onboarding. A new ReadyPDF-specific interpreter allows concurrently processing up to 30 files on a single system. Discard options now support the removal of page labels, and a new tool enables the extraction of reporting information from multiple PDF files simultaneously, catering to larger development teams.

Lastly, users are encouraged to utilize the Solimar University Online (SUO) platform for product training, user insights, and industry best practices to maximize the benefits of their applications.

Mary Ann Rowan

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