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Mail Communications Group (MCG) offers print-to-mail and electronic document services with volumes exceeding 250,000,000 pieces annually. The Company offers printing, data processing, electronic bill presentation and payment, variable printing, automated inserting, and mail induction services.

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Speed is Key to Growth at MCG using Solimar Systems

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Mail Communications Group (MCG) is unlike many other service providers specializing in print and mail due to its origins. MCG started in 1987 as a mail presort company assisting other companies in getting their communications cost-effectively into the mail stream. Not long after, their clients started to request print services which set MCG on the path to being a full-service provider, or “cradle-to-grave” as CEO, Shayne Huston, puts it. The company’s culture of seeking opportunities by saying ‘yes’ to customers caused the company to build out a robust print and workflow platform that could accept a diverse set of customer inputs and scale to process an incredible volume.

Today, MCG serves companies across many vertical markets that must communicate regularly with their clients through digital and printed formats. The company produces statements and other customer communications for industries you would expect, like those in financial, health care, insurance, and government municipalities, and others that are less obvious. Being in Des Moines, Iowa, and other parts of the U.S. Midwest, the company is in the country’s farming heartland. It provides services including invoices and statements for agricultural co-ops. MCG serves similar organizations in other industries that operate as distributors or franchise networks. MCG processes and sends over 250 million pieces annually as a first-tier mail processor using the United State Postal Service (USPS), with approximately half of those printed within the MCG family of companies.

As the business needs of clients have evolved through digitization, MCG built a suite of digital solutions to support different use cases. The digital suite of solutions includes the ability for clients to manage and proof documents remotely, digitally track mail pieces and electronic presentment communications, and archival and retrieval of printed and electronic documents. Its long-term partnership with Solimar Systems means that many of MCG’s digital and print solutions are centered on and powered by Solimar solutions, including Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE), Rubika, and SOLindexer™, which are part of the Solimar Chemistry™ Platform.


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  • Des Moines, IA, USA

Business Solution

Solimar Products


  • Achieved over 21 hours of time savings per week through BCC Software integration with Solimar solutions.
  • Reduced the time to onboard existing and new client applications by 50% by implementing a PDF-centric workflow.
  • New application revenue increased 132% through process PDF workflow automation and faster onboarding.
  • Standardized and normalized print output to PDF to manage entire printer fleet, even in a mixed-vendor environment.

"With faster onboarding, we could continue to scale business through our efficient processes with Solimar at the core. As a result, our new revenue applications have increased 132%."

Shayne Huston
CEO, Mail Communications Group

Making Operations Faster with Solimar and PDF

From the beginning, MCG has made it easy for clients to do business with them. That can-do attitude means MCG accepts all types and sources of data from their customers, including raw mainframe data to PostScript® and, increasingly, PDF files. Accepting PDFs has several advantages for the company, including post-composition changes, processing speed, and flexibility in printing and e-presentment. For example, MCG has created an offering which allows clients to interact with their jobs for special processing by leveraging features in Solimar’s Rubika and SOLindexer software applications.

Speed is also critical for MCG and its clients. Clients rely on timely processing and mailing of invoices and other critical communications to their customer base. To deliver on service level agreements (SLAs) that are often within a 24-hour period, MCG constantly seeks opportunities to optimize and streamline its workflow processes. One of those opportunities led to integrating BCC Software and the Solimar Chemistry™ Platform to optimize preprocesses, householding, address standardization and move updates which sped up turnaround times for customers and saved production costs for MCG. The improved, integrated processes resulted in over 21 hours of time savings per week. Based on the improvements, Huston says, “The time savings equates to about half of a person or up to about $30,000 per year just for this area of our process automation and optimization.”

“The time savings equates to about half of a person or up to about $30,000 per year just for this area of our process automation and optimization.”

Shayne Huston
CEO, Mail Communications Group

Speed to Market is Good for Customers and MCG

Not all workflow optimization benefits are related to cost savings. Some optimizations increase the flexibility in operations and improve response times to clients. The use of a more PDF-centric workflow using Solimar tools made it easier to onboard existing and new client applications in less time for MCG. The company already used three different solutions for composing customers’ data and documents. By generating PDF output from those solutions, MCG can standardize and normalize the output using Solimar to manage the print output across the entire fleet, even in a mixed-vendor environment.

Creating applications for clients is even faster for those that supply their own PDF files. “It is faster and easier to onboard applications using supplied PDFs, since the workflow and processes can be set up using Solimar in far less time than starting with customer supplied data”, says Huston. On average, MCG has reduced onboarding for new applications by 50%, with programs launched in as little as two weeks as opposed to the 4-6 weeks with raw data.

The new approach gave the sales team at MCG confidence in approaching customers with high requirements that needed to launch a program to their customers quickly. As a result, the number of applications grew by double-digits in recent years, with nearly 40% growth in 2021 alone—a remarkable number considering the overall business environment. The ability to grow applications using a PDF-centric workflow powered by Solimar positively impacted company revenues too. Huston says, “With faster onboarding, we could continue to scale business through our efficient processes with Solimar at the core. As a result, our new revenue applications have increased 132% in 2021.”

The Chemistry Solution:

Automates output production tasks such as external processes & scripts, indexing PDF documents, and executing Rubika® configurations.

Post-composition re-engineering solution to automate manual processes, enable postal savings, add value to documents, and dynamically modify print data.

Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise
Output management solution combining integrated connectivity with fast, accurate print stream conversions and job routing & tracking capabilities.

SOLsearcher™ Enterprise
ePresentment & archive solution designed to index, store, search and retrieve large collections of transactional and scanned documents.

Solimar® Indexing Tools
Powerful PDF indexing tools to design, test and manage indexing templates for data extraction.

Full Speed Ahead

MCG continues to push beyond its early days as a presort mail operation to grow and provide timely solutions for its clients. The company has expanded to four locations in the Midwest with sights on further organic growth as well as through acquisitions.

An important pillar of the company’s growth plans is to automate and optimize workflow processes to make customer and application onboarding faster while also making operations smarter and streamlined. The partnership and advisory council opportunities through Solimar Systems help MCG in roadmap development and planning to support the next business opportunities.