Solimar Print Director Enterprise - A Robust Output Management & Data Stream Conversion Solution

Empower Your Print Production with Solimar Print Director Enterprise

For over 30 years, Solimar Systems has equipped print centers worldwide to conquer connectivity, compatibility, and workflow challenges through our flagship automated print management solution – Solimar Print Director Enterprise (SPDE). This robust output manager seamlessly ingests data from business systems, transforms and optimizes content to maximize printer compatibility, applies rules to route production intelligently, and tracks work entering your plant floor and beyond.

SPDE Core Capabilities:

  • Connects Disparate Systems for Two-Way Communication

    Using extensive device support, SPDE integrates previously siloed hosts, printers, and other hardware that lack native compatibility. It enables bi-directional data flows so these platforms can send and receive information appropriately. This middleware function allows you to adapt software changes or install new tech without overhauling entire workflows.

  • Converts Print Languages for Cross-Device Compatibility

    With immense file format support, SPDE effortlessly transforms incoming print streams into target languages your output hardware accepts. Translating AFP to PostScript or Metacode to PDF ensures seamless printing regardless of origin or destination. You escape device lock-in and minimize manual workarounds.

  • Optimizes Output Performance and Efficiency

    Beyond basic conversions, SPDE enhances files for processing superiority through modules like ReadyPDF – our automated PDF optimizer. Identifying inefficient images, fonts and other factors, ReadyPDF significantly accelerates RIP times while shrinking file sizes. This optimization empowers failing jobs to print reliably at top speeds across your fleet.

  • Defines Rules to Orchestrate Smarter Workflows

    Leveraging robust functionality like dynamic page range control, resource management, error handling, version updates and more, users easily configure SPDE to automate and simplify workflows. You set rules guiding behavior based on your infrastructure. No coding needed – our intuitive interface enables configuration changes as needs shift.

  • Monitoring, Reporting and Control Through a Central Platform

    The integrated Queue Manager interface lets operators oversee real-time processing from one intuitive dashboard while also controlling flow. With smart batching, scheduling and rerouting of problem jobs, you boost visibility into work entering your plant and empower staff to proactively optimize production.

With extensive connectivity, conversions powering seamless cross-platform output, robust functionality to remove touchpoints, and tools providing end-to-end oversight – SPDE serves as the intelligent backbone maximizing the productivity of your print workflow.

By unleashing staff efficiency, driving equipment utilization, and adapting seamlessly as needs change – SPDE delivers lasting value helping print operations conquer the evolving technology landscape.

Mary Ann Rowan

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