Solimar Director Enterprise Version 9.3 Update

The Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) version 9.3 introduces significant improvements to enhance the user experience and product capabilities. SPDE is a crucial component of Solimar’s Chemistry solution platform. The update reinforces SPDE’s role as a bridge between PDF-centric and non-PDF workflows, offering data optimization, job management and device connectivity.

The diverse functionalities of SPDE make it a popular choice across the print industry, supporting tasks such as directing print jobs to output devices, logging activity messages for reporting, and managing job distribution via various communication protocols. The software facilitates conversions between multiple data streams and provides optimized outputs to improve production print, electronic delivery and archive workflows.

Key features of SPDE version 9.3 include:

  • ReadyPDF® module: Optimizes PDF files for eDelivery, archiving, proofing and production printing. Introduces PDF validation to ensure compliance with the PDF 1.7 specification and identify issues early in the production process. Enhances application onboarding by generating detailed reports on PDF elements to optimize processing settings.
  • Expanded JDF support: Accommodates proprietary commands and nonstandard syntax for controlling JDF workflows, catering to various vendor requirements. Improves compatibility with notable vendors partner DFEs: HP Elite, RISO Fiery and TAGg, and Canon Prisma.
  • User interface and compatibility enhancements: Offers improvements to the user interface and support for the latest operating systems to improve user convenience and system compatibility.

Version 9.3 ensures backward compatibility for existing users and is available for download from the FTP site. Users on active support can upgrade without fees, and parallel testing on non-production servers is recommended before moving the upgrade to production. Ongoing user support and training resources are emphasized through Solimar University.

In summary, Solimar Director Enterprise version 9.3 strengthens SPDE’s established role in the print industry by expanding its functionalities and optimizing processes. Features such as the ReadyPDF module, extended JDF support, and other enhancements contribute to a smoother and more efficient print workflow, saving time, reducing errors, and enhancing overall operations.

Lastly, users are encouraged to utilize the Solimar University Online (SUO) platform for product training, user insights, and industry best practices to maximize the benefits of their applications.

Mary Ann Rowan

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