Rubika 4.4 Improves PDF Print Workflow Software Productivity and Usability for an ROI Boost

With over 30 years of experience in workflow software for print and digitally distributed communications, Solimar Systems is excited to make the sixth generation of our PDF enhancement and enrichment software solution available as part of the Solimar® Chemistry™ platform. This release brings many new enhancements to organizations all over the world that create, accept, process and produce volumes of communications that require speed and efficiency to be produced accurately and on time for the recipients.

Effectively managing the post-composition or reengineering processes is key today in keeping up with the speed of business while promoting a positive customer experience. With Rubika® version 4.4, the Solimar team offers our current and future customers many new enhancements which translate into real business benefits. As a modular solution under the Chemistry platform umbrella, Rubika has more the 28 modules to assist print production and digital delivery production environments to streamline their work while offering increased opportunities for automation, templatization and productivity.

With a focus on usability, the latest version of Rubika makes it easier than ever to configure and set up workflows for a wide range of print and digital delivery communications needs. Leveraging our experience in high-volume production environments including transactional, direct mail, Print Service Providers and In-Plants, Rubika 4.4 offers ease of use that is intended to reduce training times and accelerate learning with current and new users. By making it easier to use and understand, organizations can be confident in their ability to create and implement a sustainable workflow while minimizing the risks of knowledge loss as a result of an employee or business changes.

Additionally, there are new security features such as 256-bit encryption for PDF files and the ability to more easily de-impose an already created job to facilitate moving work to and from different presses with different paper or web sizes. We invite you to review all of the latest features in this new version of Rubika. Current Rubika users with maintenance plans are able to upgrade as part of their support benefits.

Looking for additional information? Solimar customers and partners can log in to their Solimar University Online account. Interested in learning more about our Chemistry platform, we invite you to watch our SolimarSecrets video or contact us for more information.