Solimar Delivers Significant Performance Enhancements in Version 7.2 of Solimar Print Director Enterprise

October 21, 2011

Solimar Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce important performance enhancements to the PostScript emulation modules in the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) software. The PostScript emulation modules enable users to convert PostScript files to other file formats such as PDF, Xerox Metacode and IPDS. You are being sent this notice because the SPDE system at your organization may greatly benefit from these processing improvements. These enhancements may streamline your PostScript workflows by providing significantly faster conversion speeds.

In testing these enhancements, we have measured conversion speed improvements of up to 10 times faster throughput in PostScript::PDF for a highly complex and resource intensive application of 200,000 pages. The enhancement has the greatest impact on PostScript::PDF conversions for files which have large numbers of pages. Other conversions and files with relatively small numbers of pages are likely to experience much smaller performance improvements.

Solimar has made a number of changes to improve performance, including increasing the maximum memory space a PostScript transform can access. We encourage users to move to 64-bit Windows operating systems to take advantage of larger memory spaces. In addition, users who would like to run more interpreters concurrently can license up to eight PostScript interpreters for a single SPDE server.

If you have a current maintenance agreement with Solimar for SPDE, you are entitled to update your SPDE system at no additional charge to take advantage of the improved performance. The enhancements appear in SPDE version 7.2 (build 1467 or higher). This version is available for download through the Solimar website on the Solimar FTP site. You will need to contact Solimar Technical Support at +1.619.849.2800 to obtain update instructions and passwords for the FTP site.

For those organizations currently using the Solimar® Print/Director product, these new performance enhancements present another compelling reason to upgrade to Solimar Print Director Enterprise. Please call the Solimar sales team at +1.619.849.2800 for details on how you can upgrade and become more productive.

Solimar is committed to providing the best production print management and conversion products. SPDE is likely to be a critical part of your production workflow. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these performance enhancements.

We appreciate your business and welcome your questions. Feel free to pass this information on to others in your organization.

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.