Solimar Systems Launches SOLsearcher™ Version 3.0

New Release Expands Functionality and Broadens Application Scope

San Diego, CA – January 23, 2007 – Solimar Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of production printing and secure electronic document delivery solutions, recently announced enhanced functionality for its SOLsearcher product suite. The SOLsearcher suite is comprised of SOLsearcher Enterprise and SOLsearcher Single Platform (SP), two powerful web presentment solutions that enable organizations to effectively index, store, search, retrieve and view large collections of transactional documents. Designed to complement or replace existing print processes, SOLsearcher allows users to securely access critical business documents and reports via the web.

The newest version SOLsearcher supports full-text document search capability that provides increased search controls and options. Version 3.0 also expands the scope of supported document data types by allowing native line data to be processed and managed, allowing users to directly index, store, search and view ASCII and .txt files. In addition, SOLsearcher 3.0 now includes functionality to create and attach powerful document notes to capture supplemental information to search results relating to account status, customer feedback, telephone conversation recaps, or other relevant details to augment the SOLsearcher repository reports.

A new Net Folders feature extends the product functionality by allowing selected document search results to be saved to network drives. Saving document search results to network folders enables other workflows such as document reprints to become automated. SOLsearcher 3.0 has been enhanced to leverage PDF annotation information by indexing the data contained within them. Once annotation text is indexed, the information can be used to further automate workflows with SOLsearcher and other Solimar products.

“The new SOLsearcher features and enhancements provide several different ways for our SOLsearcher clients to increase their productivity,” explains Mary Ann Rowan, Solimar Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The new functionality also allows our clients to expand the use of SOLsearcher in new ways and with new applications.”

Additional supported functionality with the release of SOLsearcher Enterprise v3.0 includes:

    • SQL Server support that integrates with the SOLsearcher email alert notification module
    • New file management search features for SOLsearcher system administrators
    • Updated system administrator GUI with streamlined navigation

and intuitive controls

  • Enhancements for SOLsearcher Enterprise Web Services

Available immediately, the enhanced SOLsearcher v3.0 functionality further demonstrates Solimar Systems’ continued commitment to deliver powerful solutions for its customers by providing the ability to secure, distribute and manage high-value documents electronically via the Web.