Solimar Systems Announces SOLsearcher™ Enterprise Version 2.1

October 27, 2003

ERM System Provides Secure Web-Based Distribution of Transactional Documents

SAN DIEGO, CA – October 27, 2003 – Solimar Systems, Inc. announces the release of SOLsearcher Enterprise Version 2.1 – a secure web-based document delivery solution with automated worldwide report distribution. SOLsearcher Enterprise extends the document delivery capabilities of organizations by instantly distributing reports electronically via an intranet or the Internet.

SOLsearcher Enterprise provides two major benefits. First, it significantly lowers the cost of delivering transactional reports and documents within an organization, including consumer-oriented communication and internal corporate data. Second, it provides a robust electronic repository for critical business documents, dramatically improving and simplifying the process of retrieving and reproducing data center generated output.

End-users benefit from SOLsearcher Enterprise’s familiar browser-based GUI, customizable inbox, instant email notification, advanced search and data mining capabilities, and 100% document fidelity. In addition, the system includes an API to customize the system’s interface, providing organizations with the ability to incorporate SOLsearcher Enterprise with existing online document delivery systems.

“SOLsearcher Enterprise is truly a horizontal application that allows organizations from virtually any vertical industry to leverage their existing infrastructure and gain a rapid return on investment with a relatively low total cost of ownership,” states Drew F. Sprague, President and CEO of Solimar Systems, Inc. “The financial justification of electronic document distribution is quickly realized by reducing hard printing and delivery costs, accelerating document delivery time, and improving document utility for future use.”

SOLsearcher Enterprise offers IT organizations an n-tiered architecture with intuitive configuration utilities. With centralized system administration, SOLsearcher Enterprise is easy to deploy and manage and backed by Solimar’s renowned technical support team.

SOLsearcher Enterprise is highly scalable and adapts naturally to both department and enterprise environments, as well as service bureaus managing output for multiple organizations. Common applications for SOLsearcher Enterprise include high volume transactional data, such as invoices, financial statements, insurance policies, and consumer notices. Typical scenarios for deployment include agent access to statements in the financial and insurance industries; call center support in government and utilities; and delivery of transactional reports in manufacturing and distribution.

SOLsearcher Enterprise leverages the capabilities of the highly popular Solimar® Print/Director and iCONVERT™ print servers to support legacy and contemporary print streams including, SCS, AFP and IPDS, line data, DJDE/XLCDS/Metacode, PCL, PDF, PostScript, and VIPP®. This concentration of functionality provides SOLsearcher Enterprise clients with a unique opportunity to source a COLD/ERM solution and data transformation server from a single organization.

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.