Solimar Systems Releases SOLscript™ 3.1

January 22, 2013

Solution Enhancements Include Multi-Byte Font Functionality to Support Asian Market

SAN DIEGO, CA – January 22, 2013 – Solimar Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of production printing and secure document delivery solutions, today announced the release of an enhanced version of SOLscript™ with expanded features for high volume transactional printing and online viewing environments. The new SOLscript 3.1 functionality adds support for multi-byte fonts, expands transpromotional content options, and enhances the control of Xerox® VIPP® generated output.

SOLscript is a PostScript preamble that emulates and optimizes Xerox VIPP software, extending the reach of VIPP applications to virtually all types and brands of workgroup and production printers, as well as ERM/COLD systems. Running in conjunction with PostScript interpreters such as Adobe® Acrobat® Distiller and the PostScript emulation modules of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) product, SOLscript enables users to distribute VIPP applications on a variety of devices, including those that support PostScript, PDF, PCL, IPDS, Metacode or TIFF.

SOLscript 3.1 enhancements include:

  • VIPP command support for multi-byte fonts (Unicode UTF-8 and UTF-16BE encodings), enabling applications that require double byte fonts and vertical font processing commonly used in Asian markets
  • VIPP Transpromo Mode support that leverages the latest version of VIPP transpromotional functionality and further adds to the existing VIPP support for Database Mode, Line Mode, XML Mode, and Native Modes
  • Expanded system messaging and command code set designed to better assist users with processing feedback, mitigate troubleshooting efforts, and increase overall user efficiency

“Adding multi-byte font support expands our solution reach and extends the benefit and functionality of Xerox VIPP,” said Mary Ann Rowan, CMO and Vice President of Sales for Solimar Systems. “This is especially important for our global clients that develop and process applications requiring Asian fonts.”

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.