Solimar Systems Releases Rubika® v4.0

March 2, 2016

Adds Alias Map Functionality and New Rubika Manager Features

SAN DIEGO, CA — March 2, 2016 — Solimar Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of production printing and secure document delivery solutions, recently announced the release of an enhanced version of Rubika®, Solimar’s award-winning solution for high volume transactional and variable data printing and online viewing environments. Rubika functionality streamlines production workflows and enables users to automate manual processes, increase postal savings, add content to documents, leverage finishing equipment, and dynamically modify data streams prior to printing. 

Rubika v4.0 offers new “alias map” functionality that simplifies the implementation of a configuration in a new environment, such as when migrating to a new computer or promoting a configuration from a development or test environment to a full production environment. An “alias” represents an abstracted location for a resource that can be remapped during migration to an alternate location. Using an alias map, users can easily and quickly export a complete set of resources and directory locations for a configuration and set it up within the new environment. The alias map feature packages the resource files within the alias map export file and restores them to the specified locations when the file is imported. 

The new Rubika Manager is a client that connects with a local or remote instance of the Rubika service. The Rubika Manager provides the following benefits:

  • Simultaneous processing of multiple Rubika configurations.
  • Management of job resources through the Alias Map feature, which is ideal for migrating configurations from testing and development environments to production environments.
  • A full view of the Rubika service, with additional information and feedback on activity within the service.
  • Allocation of system resources to prioritize configuration processing.
  • Email notification for errors.

New Rubika variables have been added to track whether color or black/white data is present on a page. This allows organizations to track color usage for reporting purposes and controlling processing logic. This is beneficial for organizations needing to track color pages to accurately charge clients based on color pages and monochrome pages.

Rubika 4.0 also includes enhanced support for structuring PDF output for accessibility purposes. The new Tag Compatibility option may be used to keep output files PDF/UA compliant. 

“Rubika 4.0 allows our clients to further streamline their workflows, to boost efficiencies and to automate additional processes,” said Mary Ann Rowan, Solimar’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “This expanded functionality enhances our clients’ capabilities in managing resources, migrating infrastructure platforms, and creating optimized data and documents for multi-channel distribution to high-speed color inkjets, to eDelivery systems, and to archival systems.”

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.