Solimar Systems Releases iCONVERT™ 9.9

Expands Functionality and Centralized Control for Mainframe and iSeries Print

SAN DIEGO, CA — August 2, 2012 — Solimar Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of production printing and secure document delivery solutions, today announced the release of a new version of iCONVERT™ with expanded features for AFP printing environments.

iCONVERT is a powerful software transform engine that emulates IPDS printers commonly used in mainframe and AS/400 or iSeries environments. iCONVERT dynamically generates PostScript, PCL, PDF and TIFF data to support printers and archiving systems that do not natively support AFP applications.

iCONVERT leverages a central-server approach to cost-effectively convert IPDS print data and dynamically route output to printers throughout the enterprise. Organizations can dramatically lower their cost to procure and administer a distributed IPDS printing solution by using iCONVERT compared to using hardware-based emulation cards in each printer.

iCONVERT 9.9 provides new support to import and export servers and logical units (LUs), thus enabling an efficient method to move system configuration data. This new functionality supports failover recovery operations and streamlines the migration process when moving a test or development system into a production environment.

Other new version 9.9 features and functionality include:

  • Additional settings to manage color output
  • Additional print finishing controls
  • Font object container support with Unicode encoding
  • PDF object container support
  • Multi-page TIFF and PNG object container support
  • Expanded QR code and USPS IMB barcode support

“iCONVERT is a highly refined and mature solution with many years of Solimar experience built into it. Our clients continue to benefit from version 9.9 enhancements that make configuring and managing their IT infrastructure more efficient,” said Mary Ann Rowan, Solimar CMO and VP of Sales. “Regardless of the output destination – print or e-delivery – this latest release of iCONVERT enables organizations to save money through efficiently managing distributed and production AFP printing environments from a centralized server.”