Solimar Systems Launches iCONVERT™ v9.05

September 21, 2005

Adds Support for JPEG Images and Enhances Font Management Capabilities

SAN DIEGO, CA – September 21, 2005 – Solimar Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of production output management and secure document delivery solutions, today announced the release of iCONVERT™ v9.05, a robust transform engine that converts IPDS data streams into PCL, PDF, PostScript and TIFF output formats to satisfy a wide variety of printing and electronic document presentation requirements. iCONVERT v9.05 includes new features developed in response to customer requests.

Version 9.05 of iCONVERT introduces support for transforming JPEG images within IPDS files when converting the data streams into the highly popular PDF and PostScript data stream formats. This enhanced functionality provides organizations with increased flexibility and output options for distributing document applications that contain graphically rich JPEG components.

iCONVERT v9.05 also introduces expanded font handling capabilities for data streams generated by AS/400 systems that are destined for printers and/or electronic document presentment systems. The enhanced functionality provides organizations with a rich palette of fonts to improve the document flexibility of the AS/400.

For new and current users alike, iCONVERT 9.05 introduces network communication options that identify disconnections and automatically reconnect with host devices. This intelligent reconnection capability maximizes productivity and sustains system throughput.

Available immediately, iCONVERT v9.05 further demonstrates Solimar Systems’ continued commitment to deliver powerful output management solutions to its customers worldwide.

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.