34 Reasons Why the Solimar® Print Director is ESSENTIAL for Xerox EPS Customers

January 1, 2002

Critical Data Stream Support

  3. LPS version/patch level formatting dependencies
  4. Conversion of data streams to PDF and TIFF
  5. ASCII and SCS formatting control for LCDS data
  7. Legacy HPIP-based TIFF applications
  8. B6700 Unisys data to conversion to online format

Integrated Physical Connectivity

  1. TCP/IP lpr, port/direct socket, and FTP
  2. 3770 Remote Job Entry (RJE) DLC & SDLC
  3. Novell NDS/Bindery and various OS versions
  4. Multiple direct BUS/TAG channel inputs (BUS/TAG no longer available for purchase)
  5. ESCON channel and shared directory (ESCON no longer available for purchase)
  6. Facilitates legacy channel controllers
  7. Twinax and Parallel centronics
  8. Direct SCSI 9-track or cartridge Tape Input

Essential Print Management Capabilities

  1. Xerox FSL creation/editing online
  2. Advanced GUI queue/spool distribution system
  3. Extensive data deblocking / reblocking
  4. Powerful, on-the-fly, file insertion
  5. Checkpoint Restart and job re-routing
  6. Powerful, on-the-fly, DJDE/RSTACK insertion
  7. Job parsing based on logical rules
  8. Accounting and Operator message logs
  9. Banner/Trailer page generation
  10. Advanced resource management and tracking
  11. Powerful on-the-fly, data search and replace
  12. Provides auto load balancing and job routing
  13. FRM and IMG creation from Windows applications

Proven Technical Expertise

  1. Xerox 24×7 Technical Hotline support
  2. Backed by Solimar’s Premier Technical Support
  3. Includes Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee
  4. Improves overall data center infrastructure
  5. Increases customer satisfaction

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.