Solimar Expands AFP/IPDS Support

January 1, 2001

San Diego, CA – Solimar Systems, Inc. announces expanded support for Advanced Function Printing within its suite of Document Delivery Solutions. With the acquisition of AFP technology, DocServer and AFPconvert products, from Interface Systems, Inc., Solimar Systems now provides AFPDS and IPDS conversion to PCL, PostScript, TIFF, PDF, and Metacode. The new names for these products are the aCONVERT™ and iCONVERT™ Editions of the Solimar® Print/Director 2000.

The addition of these conversions expands the breadth of solutions offered by Solimar Systems for legacy print stream translation to include input of:

  • PCL
  • PostScript
  • PDF
  • Xerox DJDE and LCDS
  • Xerox Metacode
  • IPDS
  • SCS
  • ASCII, EBCDIC, and ANSI formatted data

Production features and benefits of the AFPDS and IPDS conversions include:

  • Extended enterprise-wide document delivery of AFP data streams to non-IPDS centralized, distributed, and remote PCL, PostScript, and Metacode printers;
  • Centralized, secure control of up to 225 printer emulating LU’s per Service running on a single server;
  • Full PSF compatibility, including bi-directional IPDS communication;
  • Automatic resource caching that reduces communication overhead and increases printer responsiveness;
  • SNA, TCP/IP, and mixed connectivity environments;
  • Support for IPDS data capture;
  • AFPDS and ACIF support enable conversion of AFP data without requiring a direct host connection (ideal for service bureaus);
  • Graphical configuration management that simplifies installation;
  • Configurable data extraction and job separation.

In addition to data stream conversion, Solimar Systems offers a broad array of connectivity and queue/spool management features, primarily within the globally popular Solimar® Print/Director.

The Solimar® Print/Director is used by major corporations throughout the world to route print data from legacy host systems and networked computers to production and workgroup printers. The product enables companies to leverage the capabilities of existing print equipment with expanded connectivity and print data stream support. For example, an existing Xerox production printer can add PCL, PostScript, and IPDS support or an existing PostScript printer can add DJDE, Metacode, and AFPDS support. IPDS printer users can also benefit from Print/Director by converting PCL, PostScript, and Xerox data streams (DJDE, Metacode) into IPDS.

For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at +1.619.849.2800.