How to Make PDF a Secret Weapon for Success in your Print Environment

Time is money, especially in the ever changing markets of digital printing and electronically delivered content. As Print Service Providers (PSPs) and In-Plants, your teams are consistently being asked to optimize processes, people and equipment. Every place you are able to find cost containment, cost reduction or efficiency improvements helps with margins on your offerings to your customers. And when you can deliver ahead or on time, it helps customer loyalty and generates a positive customer experience.

Our teams at Solimar Systems believe PDF is a key component to future success. In fact, choosing to center on PDF can become a secret weapon for your environment both from a production printing perspective and an electronic delivery perspective. In this Solimar Secrets video, Pat McGrew, Industry Expert, Analyst and Managing Director of McGrewGroup and our Solimar President, Drew Sprague, talk about why PDF is winning the standardization battle as compared to other print file types and why PDF is so important. From their years of experience, they will discuss everything from PDF optimization to the new features embedded in the PDF standards making it possible to do more with PDF than ever before.

As you watch and listen to their conversation, we believe you will discover the important differentiators between other print file types you may be using still today and PDF—and be energized to make the switch. Moreover, for those using PDF, this may give you new ideas for how you can continue to optimize your onboarding, preflight, make-ready and prepress processes, production printing, electronic presentment, reprint process and archiving or storage. If you have missed the earlier videos in this series, we invite you to visit our Solimar Secrets webpage for more episodes. We look forward to sharing the power of Solimar Chemistry™ with you.

Learn more about the capabilities of our Chemistry platform by watching this short overview video.

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