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Turbocharging SPDE Workflows with SOLitrack: 9 Game-Changing Features

Real magic happens when you pair SPDE with SOLitrack™, a low-cost, pre-integrated, state-of-the-art production dashboard. This presentation highlights nine key ways SOLitrack can dramatically improve your SPDE workflows, taking them to the next level.

(Length: 6:31)
SolimarSecret - PDF Plus JDF Makes Printing Better! Is it Actually True?

PDF Plus JDF Makes Printing Better! Is it Actually True?

Pat McGrew, Managing Director of McGrewGroup, and Drew Sprague, President of Solimar Systems discuss this powerful equation of technology and how PDF and JDF/JMF make the processes and operations around print production better.

(Length: 4:42)
Know Why JDF is Seriously Important for the Future of Print Shops?

Know Why JDF is Seriously Important for the Future of Print Shops?

Whether you need to track your jobs or pieces, create an audit trail, or connect to the billing process, PDF+JDF=ADF may hold key insights for your print production environment.

(Length: 5:50)

How to Make PDF a Secret Weapon for Success in your Print Environment

Pat McGrew, Industry Expert, Analyst and Managing Director of McGrewGroup and our Solimar President, Drew Sprague, talk about why PDF is winning the standardization battle as compared to other print file types and why PDF is so important.

(Length: 6:09)

Do You Leverage a Print ADF? Successful Results Say You Really Should

As the sophistication of both print devices and software has increased, an Automated Document Factory (ADF) now provides the capabilities and benefits to repurpose communications or documents so they can be used in multichannel delivery. How do Pat and Drew feel about ADF?

(Length: 6:20)

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