PDF Plus JDF Makes Printing Better! Is it Actually True?

Throughout our PDF+JDF=ADF video series, Pat McGrew, Managing Director of McGrewGroup, and Drew Sprague, President of Solimar Systems, have discussed this powerful equation of technology. Now we check our work as good stewards of technology and experts in the printing and digital communications industries. Does PDF and JDF/JMF make the processes and operations around print production better?

To answer this, Pat and Drew will take a look at the theory behind combining the ISO standards of PDF and JDF while leveraging the information provided by JMF. Once a stake is in the ground on the theory, they will discuss the value this has to a Print Service Provider (PSPs). Whether you are interested in building a record of consumable usage, comparing your estimating to actuals or simply just have a better understanding of what is happening in your print production environment, PDF+JDF=ADF may be the upgrade in capabilities you are looking for within your print shop.

Another key component of this conversation is implementation and maintenance of the technology as time and innovation continues. With the fast pace of security changes around software and systems, analysts like Pat recommend companies evaluate whether building or buying solutions is the right methodology. The year 2020 changed the way we look at risk and disaster recovery; if one or a select few have the knowledge that is keeping your production environment running—you have risk. Drew shares with Pat why it is Solimar’s mission to bring these capabilities to customers with modular, configurable and flexible options as well as with first-class support. Through our Chemistry™ platform, Print Service Provider (PSPs) and In-Plants have a route to implement and realize these capabilities at a higher rate of speed.

As we conclude this part of our PDF+JDF=ADF conversation, a SolimarSecrets video series, we hope you will find this information valuable for your print shop. As you look to improve your automation, optimization, tracking and reporting, we invite you to look for more episodes in our Solimar Secrets video series. And continue the conversation with our Solimar team by reaching out to us at contactus@solimarsystems.com. Be sure to mention you saw the PDF+JDF=ADF video series!

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