Assurity Life

Major life insurance organization reduced operating expenses and increased productivity while improving its document distribution processes using the Solimar Print/Director




Lincoln, NE

Business Solution

  • Output Management
  • Device Connectivity
  • Data Stream Conversion

Solimar Products

  • Solimar Print/Director
    • Base system with XIMAGE™
    • BUS/TAG Input and Output
    • TCP/IP Input and Output
    • Windows Print Spooler
    • XCHANGE::PostScript


  • Automatic data stream transformation of Xerox Metacode to PostScript
  • Allowed reports from mainframe to be easily distributed using the company network
  • Optimized asset utilization by maximizing availability of printers
  • Improved operational efficiencies and reduced data center expenses
Assurity Life Insurance Company

Assurity Life Cuts Costs and Reduces Document Turnaround Time

The history of the Assurity Life Insurance Company reveals a picture of commitment, growth and achievement spanning well over 100 years. With assets exceeding $2 billion, Assurity has built a reputation for “best in class” service with sound, conservative business practices and a disciplined approach to financial management. Licensed to sell in 49 states, and the District of Columbia, Assurity offers a diverse, contemporary line of financial products and services, with a special focus on individuals, families and small businesses.

Solimar Systems interviewed Dennis Tyser, Manager of Operations at Assurity Life, to discuss the cost savings and productivity improvements that resulted from their implementation of the Solimar® Print/Director system.

“Solimar was all there… high level of expertise and experience with a multitude of printer support, so for us the choice was fairly simple. Solimar!”

Dennis Tyser
Assurity Life Insurance Company

Tyser remembers the situation clearly, “Needless to say, we were fairly limited”. However, Assurity Life ultimately recognized its operational obstacles and identified four specific goals that would boost productivity while cutting costs:

  • Allow mainframe reports to be routed to the company network
  • Automatically transform Xerox Metacode print output to PostScript output
  • Enable multiple printer support to maximize print availability and utilization
  • Enhance output management controls to provide easy reprint capabilities

Solimar Systems had everything they needed in a single solution. States Tyser, “Solimar was all there high level of expertise and experience with a multitude of printer support, so for us the choice was fairly simple. Solimar!” Upon implementing the Solimar Print/Director, Assurity Life quickly achieved its goals of expanded connectivity, print conversion flexibility, and improved output file distribution. In addition, they are now able to easily route mainframe data streams to their network for processing, printing, and archiving on a variety of devices.

The Solimar Print/Director automatically converts the Xerox Metacode output from the mainframe to PostScript, where it can be distributed to a wider recipient base through the use of contemporary decentralized network printers. In addition, reports that were previously printed can now be viewed electronically via the network, providing further operational savings. States Tyser, “This has eliminated many printing costs for those reports that can be viewed on our network.” In some cases, Assurity Life uses the Solimar Print/Director’s spooling functionality to write PostScript files to their network and then automatically merge it with other output. Tyser explains, “This automated merge process has allowed us to provide fast turnaround of complete deliverable packets for our clients.” Generating reprints are no longer a problem for the print operators either. Today, the process of producing and distributing reprints is easy thanks to Print/Director’s simple, yet powerful drag and drop functionality.

“The implementation of the Solimar Print/Director has produced significant quantitative financial results…”

Dennis Tyser
Assurity Life Insurance Company

Assurity Life has relied upon the Solimar Print/Director to solve a variety of complex business problems while improving operational efficiencies, which directly translates into positive financial results for the company. Tyser describes the benefits, “The implementation of the Solimar Print/Director has produced significant quantitative financial results by reducing costs in many functional areas, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction levels.” The recurring operational costs associated with controlling and managing output has been reduced by 10%. At the same time, the cost of generating reprints has also been cut by 10%. Document turnaround time has been decreased, helping to boost overall customer satisfaction levels. Such ROI-related results have had a positive impact on Assurity Life’s bottom line.

In addition to the operational success of the Solimar Print/Director, Tyser has received excellent service from the renowned Solimar Technical Support staff. Explains Tyser, “We have been very pleased with Solimar Technical Support we were amazed.”