Increase Your Sales! The Connection to Workflow Software You Are Missing

August 17, 2017
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Whether you are in Marketing, Operations or Sales, having new and returning customers buy from your business is important. It is one of the truths that spans all types of businesses whether you work in banking, insurance, retail, government, telco or utilities. The truth is, we all need more sales. We all need to send information out to our customers. But, have you found the link between the two?

For many companies, how they design, create and deliver communications to their customers is an area of mystery; unless you are part of what we often refer to as the IT and Operations departments. Within these departments are the people that create the communications, make sure they get printed (or delivered electronically) and are responsible for the set of steps, a workflow, that makes everything happen the same way each time—not to mention when they are required.

Our industry and Solimar Systems will often refer to this as the Customer Communications Management, or CCM, workflow or process. However, the Sales team doesn’t often consider this part of the business, like the CCM folks don’t really think in terms of sales. Consider this though—what if processes in your Customer Communications Management workflow were affecting your sales, and small changes could in fact drive new revenue?

Leigh Mardon, a leading direct marketing service provider, found a connection between their need for communicating with customer and increasing revenue. As part of the expectations from their customers, they needed to provide 24/7 access to different documents and information through a web presentment interface. They also needed to be able to accept files and transform them so they could be used within the web interface.

Leigh Mardon

Using Solimar technology, they found a flexible, modular and easy-to-use solution to meet their goal. The details are in our full Leigh Mardon case study, but the results are what make the connection between CCM and sales supremely important. After implementing the solution, Leigh Mardon had this to say about the impact to their business:

“SOLsearcher helped boost our customer retention rate,” said Cowan. “As a result, our revenue increased over $100,000 per year.”

Cash Cycle Solutions

Others have seen even more dramatic results, such as our client Cash Cycle Solutions. As a provider of outsourced transaction processing services, they recognized a shortcoming with their current CCM workflow, including how they managed the print production floor. To solve their workflow problems they needed to implement automation, leverage PDF as an input and output file format and be flexible enough in their process to take on new work that was outside of their normal workflow input setup.

Adding to the urgency to solve their workflow challenges was their own understanding of the effect this was having on their sales, estimated to be almost seven-figures. Solimar was able to help Cash Cycle Solutions achieve improvements to their workflow and open the door to more sales using the Chemistry Platform including the Rubika re-engineering solution. Dana Benson, Director of Professional Services described the impact of Solimar’s workflow solution using sales as a metric:

“Solimar’s Rubika solution has enabled us to close $2.7 million worth of new business so far,” said Benson.

Many companies overlook the connection between sales and workflow. Let our experts here at Solimar help you find where you are leaking money through manual process, the in ability to take on new work and missing visibility of your total workflow environment.

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