Business Profile

Leading direct marketing service provider leverages Solimar’s SOLsearcher™ Enterprise solution to retain customer base, while increasing revenues.


Service Bureau/Outsourcer


Highett, Victoria

Business Solution

  • Web presentment rendering of complex formatted documents
  • Forms creation
  • Solimar Products
  • SOLsearcher™ Enterprise
  • SDX Designer


  • Increased sales revenues over $100,000 per year
  • Retained existing customers to maintain market share
  • Ability to acquire new customers and increase market share
  • Increased customer satisfaction with enhanced web presentment viewing of rich formatted PDF documents
  • Decreased print and mail expenses by empowering users to perform their own reprint functions
Leigh Mardon

Leigh Mardon Boosts Revenue & Client Satisfaction with Solimar's Web Presentment Solution

Leigh Mardon services over 1000 customers, including Australia’s four major banks, Federal and State governments and many commercial organizations. Over the past decade these organizations have increasingly outsourced many of their document requirements because of the technology competencies and the integrated services they receive from Leigh Mardon. The company’s success of nearly 170 years is due to its continuing focus on effective methods, new products, and the latest technologies, such as Solimar’s SOLsearcher™ Enterprise.

Solimar Systems interviewed Floyd Cowan, National Business Services Technical Manager at Leigh Mardon to discuss the implementation and operation of their Solimar Systems’ web presentment solution – SOLsearcher™ Enterprise.

“SOLsearcher helped boost our customer retention rate. As a result, our revenue increased over $100,000 per year.”

Floyd Cowan
Leigh Mardon

Leigh Mardon wanted to hold on to existing customers by providing them more incremental value. By offering additional products and services to their existing customers, Leigh Mardon had a business plan to impact the bottom line in a positive way.

Leigh Mardon discovered that their customers wanted the ability to view their documents using a web presentment system. They wanted a document viewing system with integrated security and the ability to display truly “rich” document formatting. Leigh Mardon found that traditional HTML page formatting was very limited and did not have the complex layout capabilities to meet their requirements.

Afer evaluating several vendor products, Leigh Mardon concluded that the best solution for them was SOLsearcher™ Enterprise from Solimar Systems. The powerful and highly secure web presentment solution enabled Leigh Mardon to effectively index, store, search and retrieve large collections of transactional documents.

SOLsearcher addressed three major areas for Leigh Mardon. First, it allowed end users to securely access documents anytime, from anywhere via the web in a selfservice mode. By empowering users to serve themselves, they were given the ability to perform their own document viewing and reprints when needed. Second, due to the rich complex document rendering of SOLsearcher, customer service representatives (CSRs) enjoyed viewing the same document as the paper versions that were printed and mailed. Resolving customer issues over the telephone became much easier and quicker because all parties were viewing the same exact document pages. Third, by offering SOLsearcher to its existing customers, Leigh Mardon provided additional value and capabilities which led to increased customer retention and increased annual sales revenue.

“With SOLsearcher we had an easy deployment and smooth implementation experience.”

Floyd Cowan
Leigh Mardon

One of Leigh Mardon’s primary business objectives was to increase the retention rate of their existing customer base. By offering SOLsearcher to their customers, it helped retain their base while increasing annual revenues. “SOLsearcher helped boost our customer retention rate,” said Cowan. “As a result, our revenue increased over $100,000 per year.” SOLsearcher provided customers 24/7 online access to their documents. When printed documents received through the mail were lost or misplaced, SOLsearcher gave users the ability to retrieve their own replacement copy. “Eliminating the printing and mailing costs associated with reprint requests was a significant expense reduction for Leigh Mardon,” said Cowan.