2020 Inkjet Summit – Direct Mail Case Study – Commercial Offset to Digital Inkjet

In-Plants, Print Service Providers (PSPs) and Direct Mailers continue to search out ways to evolve their print environments so that they can optimize the process they have, bring in more work and continue to stay relevant to their customers while offering best-in-class offerings. We invite you to join this case study presented at the 2020 Virtual Inkjet Summit that discusses how one of our Solimar Systems’ customers, Borns Group, leveraged their experience at the Inkjet Summit 2019 to transform their offset printing environment into a digital inkjet production environment that includes new tools to improve the entire workflow from onboarding to delivery to the customer.

For In-Plants, PSPs and Direct Mailers this is an excellent opportunity to learn about the results that can be achieved even during changing times in the print industry. And as a bonus, we invited an independent industry analyst to help us discuss the print marketplace and relate the achievements Borns Group saw back to the larger marketplace as a whole. From the additional revenue opportunities added by moving from offset to digital to the reduction in manual labor and Information Technology costs you will discover the real-world benefits a combined strategy of workflow software and inkjet printing technology can deliver.

After viewing this 2020 Virtual Inkjet Case Study, we invite you to reach out to Solimar to explore our modular Chemistry™ Platform of workflow solutions for digital print and electronic communication production environments. As a modular platform, we pride ourselves in offering solutions that range from very tactical point solutions to broader strategic initiatives that can scale up and down to meet our customers’ requirements.

Contact us today and start your journey to a more optimized and beneficial way to produce and deliver print and digital communications to your customers.

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