File Inserter Base System Module

The File Inserter appending module of the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) allows users to insert one file at the beginning or end of a job. This can be useful for inserting DJDEs, form calls, JDE calls, invoking macros, banner page insertion, and many other situations that require data to be added to the beginning or end of a job.

This module uses a priority list of file insertion rules. Each rule consists of a description, the file to insert, location of insertion, and a list of conditions. Multiple conditions related to the job’s properties can be entered for each rule. These conditions are tested against the properties at the beginning or end of the job. The file will be inserted when the conditions are true, or if no conditions are defined.

File Inserter Module

Module Specifications & Components

  • Inserts files to the beginning or end of data on-the-fly
  • Qualifies user-defined filters for file insertion specification
  • Automates JDL and JDE selection
  • Inserts PostScript and VIPP® codes dynamically to print files
  • Automates form overlay selection
  • Inserts banner pages
  • File Inserter Module
  • Included with Base System